Be you!

You. You. You. You’re great. You are incredible, creative, brilliant, smart, funny, humble, committed, loyal, and hardworking, among many other attributes you have yet to discover. You are a great human who is becoming more and more influential in the world with each passing day. Simply existing is awe-inspiring in and of itself.

You are essential to the earth’s axis turning correctly on its axis every day. Maybe it’s not always like this — those mornings when you’re late getting out of bed, the days when you’re defeated at work, the nights when you’re catcalled and name-called on your way home. Isn’t the world a harsh place to live in? Someone out there will find a way to remind you that you aren’t everything, no matter how hard you try to be enough for someone else, how dedicated you are to proving your value, or how hard you work until your body shuts down.

And you’re not one of them. No, not yet. You’re this brilliant, developing human being. You will make blunders every single day of your life. You’re going to be upset with yourself because of them. And your life will go on as usual. That is the splendour of existence. Every day we live, we are growing, evolving, and becoming more dynamic human beings. Those who rip open the scars you’ve sewed shut a thousand times don’t see it, but I know you do in your heart.

This world, this world, will not be able to keep you from being vulnerable, open, and generous. You’re fantastic. You make bliss appear out of thin air. In the midst of sadness, you create a beautiful life. You encourage everyone you come into contact with, reminding them that they are a gift to the world. You must, however, treat yourself with the same regard.

In the midst of the world’s tragedies in June, I hope you’re proud of who you are. You were born for a reason: to bring light into this chaotic cosmos, to say that you are precisely where you need to be, right now, and that you are exactly the person you should be. You deserve to be acknowledged for this, both for yourself and for others. I hope you let your personality shine so brightly in the lives of others around you that it encourages them to do the same. It makes no difference who you love, what ethnicity or colour you are, or what your past is. Our globe would be devoid of the vibrancy and colour it possesses if it weren’t for you.

Be gentle to yourself this month. Be considerate to others. Above all, take pride in who you are in this world. Be proud of who you are.

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