A 5 letter word starting with ‘W’

I had my earbuds in the first time.
I don’t believe I ever turned on the music.
“This is bizarre,” I said over and again as I strolled down the aisles.
After one hour, my vocabulary was completely depleted.
I sat down in my car and fired it up.

I accompanied you the second time.
I warned you it would be strange, so we walked in hand in hand.
The cartons were flipped upside down.
I’m not sure what you said, but I’m sure it didn’t take long for your words to cease falling out.
You shot a picture of us cuddling in the produce section, and we remained still.

We were overestimating what 2m looked like after the third time.
We were ushered in, and I shouted something obnoxious about R Hapi being a crap nightclub.
“This is bizarre,” we presumably murmured again inside.
Wasn’t that the case?

We were naive for the fourth time.
We discovered we couldn’t go in together since the ground had been newly painted with lines.
You handed me the keys to the car, and I gave you the list; when we came home, there were still ticks missing.

There are now two lists and two sets of bags.
I repeat the regulations to you like an elderly coach looking to switch jobs before we go in.
We pretended we didn’t know each other the first time we lined separately, and I asked you for your phone number.

I grinned while wearing a scarf over my lips, but all you could see was a small curve in my eyes. I turned around to see a woman washing down a trolley and bathing herself in hand sanitizer while wearing a long-sleeved blouse like a balaclava around her face.

I returned my gaze to you, and we exchanged a friendly grin.
I murmured inaudibly behind my scarf:

“Weird isn’t it?”

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