Fear of rejection!

Do you avoid initiating sex with your lover because you’re afraid of being rejected?

We often ignore our sexual wants and desires because we are afraid of being rejected. I’ve met ladies who avoided initiating sex for months or even years because they were terrified of it.

Ladies, no more! It’s time to pursue the sex life you’ve always wanted.

When you truly want to hump your lover but are concerned they may reject you, think about these three things:

See if there’s a backstory behind it from a previous experience.
For instance, was there ever a moment when you were confident and hot and went in for the kill, only to be ignored or told “not today,” prompting you to fabricate a tale about you being ugly/gross/unlovable/undesirable and therefore fearful of initiating again?
If that’s the case, accept that it’s just a narrative you’ve made up, not reality.
If you had a similar experience with a previous spouse, keep in mind that this is not the same relationship, and you shouldn’t expect your present partner to react the same way.

Hold a discussion about it.
Inquire about your partner’s willingness to initiate sex inside the relationship. You could discover that they’ve been waiting for you to, that they believe it’s sexy as hell for you to be eager about sex, or that they’d love to have some of the responsibility of initiating lifted away from them.

Express that you’re not sure if you should, and that you’re worried they’ll reject you, making you feel unwanted and upset. That way, if they ever deny sex, they’ll be aware of your sentiments and can reassure you that it’s not because they don’t think you’re hot.

Keep in mind that your companion is also a human being.
Is there ever a time when you’re simply not in the mood? Most likely yes. When that happens, is it about your partner? No, most certainly. You’re worried, you’re not feeling well, and you’ve got a lot on your mind. If they decline, don’t make it about you right away.

Yes, starting sex can be frightening, but we frequently exaggerate our fears in our minds. The more we wait, the more anxious we become. Take some time to consider why you’re so terrified of rejection; talk to your spouse about it in a mature, healthy manner; and remember that if you do get rejected, it’s usually not because of you. Now, girlfriend, go for what you desire!

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