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As the adage goes, practise makes perfect. We will get better at something if we practise it a lot.

In my personal dating and sexual experiences, I’ve discovered that the girls that are better in bed tend to be older, and this is because they’ve had more time to practise and improve.

As someone who has been told they have bedroom abilities, here’s my secret: I genuinely like it and consider each sexual encounter as an opportunity to improve. The key to improved sexual encounters is to enjoy it and perceive it as something nice to be enjoyed, rather than seeing it as a duty, being terrified of it, or repeating what we’ve done before.

Another of my secrets is that having sex with more people has improved my sex skills. I don’t recommend this for everyone, but the reality is that when we have a larger range of sexual experiences, we can take that information and apply it to our interactions with others. Just make certain you’re staying safe.

Sex should also be viewed as a whole-body experience rather than one that focuses just on the genital organs. People may not be as confident about sex when they first start having it, perhaps owing to body anxieties or performance anxiety, but as we get older, the focus shifts away from the body and the actual act of sex and toward the sensations involved with the overall experience. Of all, all of this is required for having excellent sex—touch, taste, scents, physical and mental responses, and vision.

If you want to improve in the bedroom, you need greater confidence, and confidence is something that comes with time, experience, and practise. You can practise on one person or numerous partners, depending on your preference.

Although sex isn’t the be-all and end-all of life or any relationship, having positive sexual encounters makes life a lot more joyful, gratifying, memorable, and enjoyable.

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