Many people believe that discussing sexuality freely and building a good connection with it is banned. This might be due to your parents’ attitudes about the subject, religious views, or just a lack of knowledge since you haven’t researched your body in depth. Why is it that one of our most basic inclinations is deemed taboo? It’s time to figure out what misunderstandings have led us to accept anticlimactic (no pun intended) sex.

I believed I had a good sexual connection. My parents didn’t view the act as taboo; after all, I had two older brothers who were acting out on their raging hormones, and my parents would proudly proclaim that they still had a highly active sex life after 30 years of marriage. I never had the feeling that I was guilty or that I would go to hell if I didn’t rescue myself until marriage. At a young age, I felt at ease with my body and began to investigate its inner workings. But, in retrospect, I was utterly incorrect. I absolutely instilled in myself the notion that my “number” indicated my worth.

I was incredibly choosy and denied myself any opportunity to try casual sex because I was terrified of adding to my list of sexual partners. I also came to believe that sex was entirely for the benefit of my spouse, rather than for my own enjoyment.

I mean, I knew what an orgasm was since I’d experienced a lot of them. I could never have an internal orgasm when it came to sex with a partner, and my sexual partners up until that time didn’t seem to mind.

As a result, all women have fallen to the craziness of faking it at some time. Guys, you’re incorrect if you believe it’s impossible to fake a mind-blowing orgasm!

Only one-quarter of women consistently have orgasm during intercourse, regardless of how long it lasts, the size of the man’s penis, or the woman’s feelings about him or the relationship. This figure was generated by a highly educated philosopher using scientific data from the previous 30 years.

Perhaps women began faking it decades ago because they were taught they were unworthy? Or does it simply take too long? I understand that this puts pressure on both sides, so let’s simply hurry things up, reach inside, and discover our inner Casper, and no one will be wounded.

When I went on my yearly trip with my male friends, our talks would invariably turn to penises, vaginas, and sex, I recognised there was a problem. My pals were all having these incredible orgasms. One thing I noticed about these girls was that they were loud with their spouses. Vocal in the sense that they tell their partner what they want and how to get them off. We’re afraid that trying to train or reprimand our man would be a major ego wound, yet males really enjoy being informed what works and what doesn’t!

One thing that changed dramatically as I began to accept my newfound single life was the type of sex I was having. In addition to my self-help books, I began listening to relationship rehab podcasts, and by chance, I came across “Sex With Emily,” a riveting, honest, and motivating podcast. One of the first podcasts I heard absolutely shifted my perspective on the situation. “Flirty, Squirty, and Thriving” is the title of a song by the band “Flirty, Squirty, and Thriving.” I began to have faith in my decisions, my body, and open communication. I adore expressing my femininity and being in sync with the goddess inside me as much as I appreciate being an independent boss bitch.

I haven’t yet reached the peak of sobbing during sex or using breathing methods to induce orgasm, but I have learned to let go of whatever guilt I feel about my sexuality. I stopped having sex with someone only for their enjoyment and discovered that being outspoken is perfectly acceptable and natural! I, like many others, find it difficult to achieve an internal orgasm, therefore I make sure to combine what works for me. Owning my sexuality is just another area where I can improve in order to live my best life.

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