I’m not a feminist, but I feel my womanly womb clench her muscles and my authority re-wild when I see conglomerates of blood in the toilet bowl, but modesty and insularity heightens still embarrassed if a cotton pad falls out of the bag or if red blood is caught on the sheets, as if I have to be ashamed of soiling something, beside someone who only exists because we can bleed as human beings.
I recall tucking period pads under my armpit as a teenager when I ran into a boy in a store, and I remember my dying grandmother wearing a pad on her deathbed— I believe disease and age made us incontinent as newborns, so we become incontinent again.
“You always say that,” he replies when I tell him I can’t have sex tonight because I’m bleeding.
I repeat it once a month, maybe more, since it’s a great get-out clause.
But I’m lying, lying, lying that I haven’t bled in ten years, and I say it proudly today to a guy.
I’m bleeding, and each drop of blood represents success, womanhood, control, and a release.
I’m not a feminist, yet the colour of the red in the blood fascinates me.
Maybe since I’m a painter, I see things differently, but take a look the next time and you’ll see what I mean.
It has every crimson cream shade imaginable.
“Don’t be so feministic, don’t use it on the painting,” he says.
If I do it eventually, I won’t tell you since it would just improve the job and give off that delicious air of womanhood that has been tainted by shame and disarray for so long.

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