Why should boys have all the fun?

You don’t have to constantly be the sweetheart. Not when it means settling for less than you are entitled to. When it comes to allowing others to walk all over you, no. Not when it involves sacrificing your own pleasure in order to help others feel better.

Stop trying to preserve the peace by being pleasant. Especially when it’s causing you to lose your mind.
Why do you think other people’s sentiments are more important than your own? Why do you think you’re not permitted to feel anything other than gratitude? You’d want anyone around you to speak out if they were uncomfortable. You want them to feel comfortable telling their experience. Instead of a lovely little falsehood, you’d prefer to hear the truth.

So why aren’t you treating yourself with the same kindness? Why are you suppressing your feelings when they’re causing you so much distress? Why are you acting as if everything is alright when you’re not sure if you can go another second without crying?

When people have pushed you to your breaking point, when they’re playing mind games with you, when they’re openly disregarding you, you don’t have to play nice.
In order to avoid drama, you don’t have to sit back and let others damage you. There’s already drama if they’ve passed a line. You’re also free to express your dissatisfaction with their actions.

They will know not to make the same error again. Otherwise, people may believe you are perfectly OK. They could miss the message.

Naturally, when you cease being pleasant, some people will become irritated with you. They’ll accuse you of changing or act as though you’re being absolutely ridiculous. They’re unhappy because you’re no longer enabling them to take advantage of you. They’re angry because they can’t get away with their nonsense any more.

Remember, even if you’re hurting on the inside, you don’t have to be the good lady who keeps silent. You are not required to be the kind girl who forgives everyone who wrongs you. You don’t have to be the kind girl who seems to be fine despite her difficulties.

When other people treat you badly, you don’t have to be the good girl. You don’t have to put up with their nastiness any longer. You have the option of speaking up or removing yourself from the situation. You don’t have to think twice about removing poisonous individuals from your life. You can look for people that understand you and would never put you in an uncomfortable situation. Because they are the sorts of individuals you should be hanging out with in the first place.

You should be pleased of yourself most of the time for being such a good, kind, and loving person, but there is always a limit. You should not put up with mistreatment merely because you are afraid of raising a ruckus. You should not maintain the wrong individuals in your life only to appear polite.

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