Let’s just be honest : Friends (by Dhimahi Jani)

Let’s just be honest: Friends!

Something that we all look forward to and have faith in is friends and the ship where we sail together for a long period of time. Accordingly we fight, feel jealous, love, care, hate and much more. As this world’s growing we all have came across people saying “Nai nai, I don’t feel jealous she/he can talk to anyone they want” isn’t it? But deepdown we feel please dude stop talk to that person you’re my friend. You express or not but there is always a feeling of sadness that your friend has other friends.
Something that makes you feel incomplete and lonely inspite of you having that friend near you. We all’ve been through the phase where we don’t say it directly but we give hints, share posts, tags, quotes, actions and still the friend is unknown to all the hints. And after all these things that we consider as efforts (which is not) we think maybe the person doesn’t want to continue the friendship and we end it. Living in the era where everything is said on face whether is it right or wrong then why we still don’t have guts to clear out things with friends? You think going back or talking out will lower your status? You think going back or talking out will make you feel less? You think going back or talking out will make you feel disrespectful? Then letting you know one thing straigth i.e. no one is more or less, one is higher or lower, no one likes to disrespect anyone purposely it happens sometimes, unknowingly. And if you still feel that there is a reason behind every fight, jealousy or anything then go talk it’s never too late to have a friendship back.
Let’s just be very honest we all have anger issue that leads to fights and everything and we all want a friend with whom we share all stuff, hangout and chill. At the same time we feel “it’s okay if the person doesn’t want to talk to me, or it’s okay if he/she has other friends and etc” don’t we? Well that’s all okay. Each and every feeling you feel towards your friend is okay until it is harsh for them to deal with. It’s okay if they have other group, it’s okay if they hangout more with others and not you, it’s okay if they don’t share certain things with you because if you’ve your personal life in friendship then they have too, if you’ve other friends then they’ve too, if you hangout other people then they can too! Understand that you are a part of somebodies life and not their life.
Whatever you do takes time and I hope that time is precious for you and not the jealousy part. Making good memories with friend is important rather than restricting each other from doing something. I wish you and your friend have quality time with each other next time you meet and hangout. And set each other free to enjoy every part of life without hesitation. Happy sailing in a friendship!
– Dhimahi Jani


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