You should give them an opportunity to succeed. You shouldn’t dismiss someone just because you met them without getting to know them. They could astound you. You could develop a strong attachment to them. There’s no reason to date someone if you’re totally certain they’re not the proper person for you. There’s no point in keeping them around in the hopes that your sentiments would alter on their own.

Staying single is preferable to dating someone who isn’t interested in you. Someone who possesses only a slice of your heart. Someone you stay around because you desire company rather than because you like their company.

Staying single is preferable to dragging someone along. It’s preferable than getting into a one-sided relationship where the other person performs the majority of the effort because your heart isn’t in it. It’s preferable to deceiving someone into believing they’ve discovered true love when it’s simply a matter of time until you walk away.

Stay single because being alone is preferable to being in a relationship you don’t care about. It’s preferable to think of oneself as single rather than taken – at least until a better choice presents itself. Spending time on yourself and doing what makes you happy is preferable to spending every waking second with someone who bores you.

Staying alone is preferable to attempting to make a bad relationship work. It’s preferable to being together because there’s no excuse to end your relationship. It’s preferable than creating excuses to stay in a relationship that will never make you happy.

Staying single is preferable to pretending to have feelings you don’t have. It’s preferable to playing a role you don’t want to play. It’s preferable to pretending as if everything is perfect all of the time when something crucial is lacking.

Staying single is preferable to laughing along with jokes you don’t enjoy and nodding along with stories you don’t want to hear. It’s preferable than forcibly responding to texts, having sex, and going on dates with this person when you’d rather be doing anything else.

Staying alone is preferable to dating someone blah. Someone you’ll forget about as soon as you break up with. Someone that you don’t value as much as they regard you and will only be there for a few months at best. After all, you don’t believe you’re a good match.

You deserve someone who gives you butterflies, so stay single. When you’re in their arms, you deserve someone who makes you feel at ease. You deserve someone who motivates you to get out of bed in the morning and crawl into bed with them at night. You are deserving of anything you desire.

Stay single because unless you’re truly involved in the relationship, it’s not worth it.

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