Let’s just be honest : Parents (by Dhimahi Jani)

Let’s just be honest: Parents!

Parents are blessings no doubt, on every step we take they know from where we start and how it’s going to end. But at times we have our own thought process to make something better and in a easy way don’t we? And still parents make us walk on the hard way. I know it’s important for us to know how hard it was to survive in past years. I understand every situation they have been through, I understand every hardship they have been through, I understand their way of understanding the situations. At the same time I think all parents need to understand this generations situations, they need to understand how and what we face these days, they need to know how we deal with things.
There is always a difference between what they did in the past and what we have in present and future. I respect all their decisions and way of processing somethings but at the same time I feel our generation has more quicker solution to that. With all respect I love my parents for everything they did and I understand their concern for us. They want us to be the best, they want us to take a stable position in life, they want us to be financially capable and everything. But at the same time we want to work for parents, make them feel secure, we have everything planned but we do not express and they do! Some parents want their kids to do something particular because they weren’t able to do it. Why? I think these days kids are smart enough to know what the exactly want and how to grow in that field. I understand all their worries for kids. Understanding each others generation is more important then just suggesting each other without knowing what has actually happened.
And lastly, Let’s just be very honest mom dad, parents I really feel that your kid has planned everything for your and their secure future. They have so many dreams with you to complete. They are so passionate that they are unstoppable, just set them free and let the success speak! Also kids, I’d really appreciate if you listen to the suggestions inspite of having solutions because it’ll make your parents happy! Also parents stop listening to what qorld qill say believe in your child and the world will appreciate. Really glad I could convey all these feelings through this platform. Happy success with your parents!
– Dhimahi Jani


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