I want you!

I’m not looking for a cliched love tale in which two individuals fall in love with the idea of one other. I’m looking for someone that isn’t a cliche and doesn’t hide behind their public character. I don’t want a love that is only honoured on rare occasions. Instead, I want to be adored and praised on days that have nothing to do with us, and to be honest, I don’t want my birthday or our anniversary to be used as an excuse for you to brag about me. I simply want to be acknowledged.

In “banterous” situations around friends and family, I want someone who will be openly snarky and flirty with me. Someone who will be honest about their feelings for me rather than hiding them for fear of what others would think or say. Someone who isn’t going to conceal me because they want to go out and meet new people. I want to be valuable to them and not perceived as a backup option. I’m not looking for hollow compliments. I want a relationship that excites me rather than scares me.

I’m looking for someone who doesn’t rely on cliches to solve problems, hide difficulties, or make romantic gestures. Instead, I’d like someone who will pay attention and remember the specifics. Someone who will be happy of my achievements and will be my biggest supporter in all I do. I’m not looking for someone who calls me “perfect.” I want to be taken seriously. Being treated like a physical product that only looks wonderful for a few weeks is not something I want to be associated with.

I’ve been told I have a lot of exceptions, but the majority of what I desire for relationships is just basic human decency. People’s expectations have been reduced as a result of repeated disappointments, which is unjust. I’d rather retain my standards at their current level since I know I deserve the best and that I shouldn’t reduce them for the sake of others’ enjoyment.

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