Hello, Crush.

Hello, Crush.

Thank you for your existence. For a little while, I was becoming jaded, until you came along to shine a bright light on my life. It makes no difference to me if we really hook up (well, sort of). I’m just relieved to see you.

I don’t know you very well, which is excellent since it allows me to let my imagination go wild. Maybe you chew on earlobes or cut the crust off your sandwiches, or maybe you’re a raving jerk who’s selfish in bed. I honestly don’t know. I enjoy the mystery. It allows me to conjure up images of you and me going on picnics, kissing beneath streetlights, getting tangled in bed on a Sunday afternoon, getting stoned and listening to records as it rains, and going grocery shopping for juice and sundried tomato spread. In my thinking, all of these things are feasible. This individual may be you.

Crushes are an amazing thing. Everyone reacts to them in the same manner, with a youthful feeling of wonder and delight. You can be 65 and still smile while listening to “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” because you understand it and it understands you.

You offer the prospect of transformation and romance, of giving me something I’ve wanted for a long time. And you’re completely unaware of it! You’re just sitting there being cute and crushworthy, completely oblivious to the pleasure you’ve brought me. If you knew, you might be horrified, or you might realise you had the same feelings about me. I won’t know unless I take steps to address it.

That is the conundrum of having a crush. Do you intend to take action? Do you want to give them your phone number and accept the fact that you will be miserable till they text you? It’s sometimes great to merely have a crush. PG-13 fantasy. I don’t always need to see you nude in person. I just need you to show up and be whomever I imagine you to be. It’s not always about seeing if you can truly get into a relationship with your crush.

They’re sometimes merely there to make your life simpler and turn into the highlight of your day. They exist to make you feel younger, happier, and more foolish. They bring life to a phase of your life that was previously dull.

So I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it. I suppose I’ll simply leave it alone. I’m going to retain you as my fantasy person and let reality take care of the rest. This isn’t anything to be sad about. You’ll be the crush who never succeeds in crushing me.

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