Let’s just be honest : World (by Dhimahi Jani)

Let’s just be honest: World

"Not being so cruel but I'm no matter what, you have to deal with me" - World.

World? What is this world? Where people have different opinions? Where people have different ways of doing the same thing? Where people have particular time, food, language, tradition, laws, shelter everything? Well yes. The world is always filled with different opinions and struggles. Not everyone like to open up where some like to go out and say all out loud. At times the world can be honest and at times world can be dishonest but choosing your way of doing something and standing out is more important.
You might have different issues where the “World” has planned something else for you. Dealing with it is important but how you deal is more important whether it is positivity or negative. My opinion might be different from not only the world but my parents as well. Why world says it’s cruel? Why we are always said that real world is different? Why are we always told that the world is difficult? No doubt you have your success but what you study in books and what you perform in world has a lot of difference. Not everything you have been told till date will be useful in your journey, not everything you have planned will go as per it. And that’s okay because world also says that not only disappointment but also a learning is available if you want yourself to “Stand” somewhere.
Let’s just be very honest that world will never spoon-feed but you will always give you a hint how to grow. It is cruel but it is helpful as well. It makes everyone stand out and makes everyone unique! You have to choose whether you want to cry for the cruelty or fight back for the success! I wish you fight back and stand strong show the world that even if you are cruel I can make space for myself! Happy success!

  • Dhimahi Jani

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