Uncertain Future!

Emotions come and go. We’ll never be completely content, and I don’t believe we’re intended to be. We would never take any chances if we were constantly satisfied and pleased with where we are in life. We’d never take a step ahead or open a door to explore what more is available to us. We’d just get up every day and do the same things we’ve always done since they’ve always made us happy. Comfort comes from repetition, yet I believe that familiarity may become a crutch at times. We can get accustomed to a regular routine and a defined way of life to the point where we believe that consistency is the only source of enjoyment.

There’s nothing wrong with adoring your profession or the location in which you reside and wanting to remain as long as possible. What you should never do to yourself, though, is allow the things you like to become a stumbling block in your life. Just because you enjoy your profession doesn’t mean you can’t pursue other opportunities; just because the city you reside in feels like home doesn’t mean you can’t fantasise about travelling to different places. Nothing in life is guaranteed to us, and when we get too hooked to the concept that all we have to do is check off the boxes on a magical list to be happy, we tend to forget that change can and will come.

No matter how hard you try to shelter yourself from the sorrow that change can frequently bring, there’s only so much you can do. And, let’s face it, why would we want to? Uncertainty is frightening, but so does stagnation. Though a life without change may seem appealing in the midst of a crisis, I believe the monotony would ultimately become too much. Imagine getting up every day and doing the same thing for the rest of your life. Though you wouldn’t have to deal with the challenges that life sends our way, you’d become stuck in your habit. You’d never pick up new talents or meet new people since everything and everyone would remain the same. You would never grow in your profession or accomplish your aspirations. You’d never fail because you’d always learn from your mistakes and improve the following time. You wouldn’t have any humorous stories or cringe-worthy experiences to share your pals. You’d have the picture-perfect day on repeat for the rest of your life.

After a time, even perfection gets tedious. Failure can be terrifying, but we wouldn’t be able to develop if we didn’t experience it. We would never force ourselves to look for something other than what we already have. When things go wrong and our pathways become unclear, the fear of the unknown may be crippling. It might feel as if our lives will never be the same again, as if we are doomed to fail. What you must remember in those moments is that the bad things in our lives, like the beautiful things we have lost, will come to an end. Life is a cycle of wins and losses, so don’t feel that you’ll be stuck in your losses forever. There is no fixed timetable for when things will start to improve, but the good things will find their way back to you. When the time is right, the proper things will come to you. Even when we can’t see it because of the uncertainty, our pathways are unfolding in front of us.

I understand how difficult it is to feel as though everything around you is falling apart, but everything will be restored one day. Life may not return to the way it was or the way you had hoped, but sometimes the things we felt were perfect for us couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t allow yourself to seek for it, you’ll never know what else is out there. You’ll never know where else life may lead you if you don’t allow yourself to move outside of your comfort zone and settle into your uncertainties.

You may not be happy right now, and you may have no idea what you’re doing with your life, but I believe you’ll end up precisely where you’re intended to be when the time comes. And if you can’t believe it for yourself, know that I’ll stand by and believe it for you.

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