Remember all of the mountains you’ve conquered before on those days when it feels like you’ll never get through this season, this period, or this change. Please recall all of the nights you were sure that the anxiousness would never go away, that you’d never be able to move on from where you were.

Time went whether you noticed it or not. Your days were filled with delight without you even trying. Something modest offered you a little relief one day, and then a bit more the next. You waited patiently. Even though it didn’t always seem that way, you recognised that everything will be OK. You let the waves crash before allowing them to retreat.

You discovered bravery, whether you recognised it or not. You accomplished things you never thought you could, even if it was only finding the will to get out of bed each day. You felt worse than you could have imagined, and you lost something you couldn’t have imagined before. You were jolted awake by reality, which is at times chilly, at times hard, and at times brutally unfair.

But it’s also very sweet. Because you discovered tenderness while mourning what you believed would be. You realised how vital it is to love and value the people who are closest to you. You started to notice things you hadn’t noticed before. Because you began to realise that you were sufficient, you began to realise that you were enough.

You got resilient whether you recognised it or not. You tested the limits of your heart’s capacity to retain and process information. You found that your strength is boundless; but, you have no idea what it is if it has never been put to the test.

What was once inconceivable becomes feasible over time.

Your current existence is only a relic of the past. Things you do today were previously things you could only have wished for. The people in your life are the ones you’ve been waiting for for years, wondering if they’d ever show up, whether someone would ever show up who could truly understand you.

You don’t need everything to make the best of any situation, since goodness is something we take from life, something we relish, and something we choose to see. It’s not always possible to attain or locate.

So, when you feel like you’ll never get any farther than where you are now, remember how far you’ve come and what you’ve been through. Please recall all the times you felt trapped and certain you’d never be able to break free from the crushing weight of your own despair and loss. Please recall all of the times you have been sincerely sad and disappointed.

Then recall all of the nights you’ve fantasised about being where you are now. The days you spent working, preparing, and praying that all would go according to plan. In some way, a road was created when none previously existed.

Opportunities presented themselves. The doors slid open with a groan. You met individuals with whom you’d spend years of your life, people who had before been strangers.

You learned stuff about yourself that you didn’t know before. You discovered what it takes to feel safe and what it takes to feel unsafe. You discovered what you like and don’t like. You discovered what matters to you and what doesn’t. You learnt the truth about who you are and will become because you discovered it.

You found yourself because you were trapped, not because you were looking for anything. When life’s discomfort reaches a pinnacle, we are left to question why. We uncover all the missing parts as a result of that reflection, and then we muster the guts to reassemble them.

Today you will rearrange the pieces in front of you.

In due time, you’ll reach the horizon you’re looking at.

Instead of worrying about the road collapsing beneath you, remember what life has taught you: things might be terrifying, but a way is always found. Even if you don’t think you’re deserving, you’ll always be given plenty. That you are always loved, even if you don’t believe you are. That there is always a path forward, even if you don’t see one.

Remember how you crossed every mountain before you: one stride, one hour, one instant, one glimpse of hope at a time, when it feels like nothing will ever yield and the mountain ahead of you will never be scaled.

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