Passion. (By Khushi Chauhan)

Well,I haven’t really sat with a cute little notebook journaling about something I was actually passionate about. But if we talk about passion, it is something that keeps you going, just satisfies your soul more than your mind and is something that makes you feel like you actually have a reason to keep going and so if we talk about passion, I would say it is my music that keeps me going.

It all started when I was six( this is according to my father). We used to have these karaoke evenings every sunday at our place because my dad loved to sing. Him being the crazy Kishore Kumar & Lataji duo fan, would always sing their songs so those were naturally the first songs to my ears. I would love listening to him and so once he gave me the mic to sing. The song I heard him sing frequently was ek ajnabee haseena se. So that is the song that gave me all these events and shows now lol. He heard me and that was when he realised I had a voice worth listening to. That was where all of this madness started

That was my little story on how I actually found out what i was passionate about, SINGING. That was the first time I performed on stage and kept going. It definitely made me feel good and passionate. Just that strong emotion to keep me going.

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