Celebrating Soltitude!

As I travelled and strolled down the dusty grey alley in Tbilisi, the leaves rustled quietly.
Such an unfamiliar place, such persistent unease
My hair was ruffled in front of my face, which I smoothed away with my fingers.
My face seemed strange, and my clothes and shoes didn’t fit in.
I stumbled inside a kitchen with dimly discernible individuals chatting.
Crossing the yellowish-colored highway across the green field, I was surprised to see so many people from my nation here.
They greeted me with a ghostly astonishment, but I felt less at ease since I was still a stranger.
With a strange accent They were in groups where everyone knew each other, and I was alone.
So I sat down in my customary spot and looked over the menu.

I bought my meal, my stomach growling and salivating.
My personal favourite Indian meals
Fried spicy chicken with rice and condiments sautéed
To counteract the heat, use yoghurt.
The trees, restaurateur an alibi, and the stillness became my friends.
The strange became familiar.
Familiarity grew, and it wasn’t long before I was frequenting the café.
For my own personal recharging
My belief is that the soul desires to achieve a purpose, and along the way, they experience loneliness.
They face difficulties and difficulties.
They are free to enjoy it if they so choose. It is their viewpoint, and the more they do, the more they win.
You may take on new tasks and achieve new gains the more informed and adaptive you are.

It may appear idealised, but it is difficult.
However, a traveler’s constant desire to seek out new experiences
Looking for fresh possibilities
Trying new foods from around the world and immersing yourself in a new culture
Every moment should be cherished.
In the end, all of this makes it worthwhile.

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