Love you!

If she asks, tell her you’re sorry if she reads the poetry. Inform her that you adore her. Tell her how much you like her soft and loving nature. Because it’s the truth, tell her you adore her.

But don’t forget that you adored me as well.

Tell her you adore her, but also that you adored me to the bone. Tell her I raggedly adored her. Tell her you wouldn’t be able to make love to me without bruising yourself.

When you initially held my face in your other hand and said “I love you,” you still had the leather belt in one hand.

Tell her about how our lips danced among the comets, how we kissed and created a haven amid the stars. Tell her that my name is still vivid and lingers on your mouth.

Tell her you can’t stop thinking about me.

Tell her you made a comparison between her aggressiveness and mine. Tell her about the fury that raged behind my eyes when you mentioned her, and how they pleaded with yours. when you informed me she hated placing her hand in yours, you embraced me in your arms. Tell her how much I would have given up for you.

Tell her you adore her, but also that you said you felt at ease with her.

Tell her you’re not bold enough to love so passionately.

inform her that she was the easier choice.

Tell her about how the fall air whisks you away from her in the middle of that song, under the full moon.

Tell her you’ll never forget me. What’s the harm in that?

Tell her I loved her as much as I could ever love someone without receiving anything in return.

I’ve loved the worst aspects of you, so tell her she may keep the finest of you.

Tell her how much you’ve wounded me through the years and how I’ve only ever felt love for you. Inform her that this is my attractiveness, not hers.

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