The Gen Z! (By Khushi Chauhan)

To begin with, am I the only one who just got to know that the Z in Gen-Z stands for zoomers, lol. Didn’t really know what the generation fuss was all about until I actually sat and observed the differences.

Gen-Z, the generation that has been raised quite literally on social media and the internet, the ones who got their first phones on their fifteenth birthdays, the more accepting and open minded ones, the ones with a stronger mindset with respect to accepting flaws, the ones who witnessed their introvert besties making new friends at discord and maybe the ones who considered reading online as actual reading.

This isn’t really a Gen-Z biased blog but I am a gen-Z so if you think it gets a little bit more oriented and biased, you know who to blame. I definitely feel that this generation is the most misunderstood of them all. Maybe because of the crooked tactics we use to get ourselves out of a situation. Well I wouldn’t say we’re wrong all the time. It’s just that we’re living our lives a little much after the terror and war situation so it does kind of ease things up a bit.

We could talk about how patience almost came to an end as the generations passed by. I’m this crazy multi-tasker gen-Z who’d want to do every single thing in this world together (even if I’d mess up one of them and cover up by doing the other one better lol) whereas my mom, the patient boomer, who discourages multi-tasking would do those things one at a time at her pace and do all of them better than me. Well, I’ve done some research on this and it turns out that the Gen-Z have the shortest attention span out of the all the other generations i.e. 8 seconds.(I hope I still have your attention Gen-Z people ).

On the contrary, there’s this shift noticed, a big shift. Our generation has grown up with this thing called the internet which has not only changed our method of interaction, but also how we think, or learn or just boost ourselves. That pretty much explains the attention span thing I mentioned above. We have the access to things we might not have had received otherwise. This, as a result increases the curiosity to learn beyond what you know and creates this completely different enthusiasm and dedication to work. This pretty much explains the “Lovin my Job” theory.

In a few years, there will be a completely different shift in the work space too as it will be filled with an entirely different mind set of people who have a different idea of work. We have just started to join the work force so y’all better watch out for us.

To end with, I would also like to highlight how being vocal and opinionated has been considered wrong and arrogant by the older generations. It’s just such a difficult thing for the older generations to accept the voice and the confidence of the Gen-z when it comes to making bigger decisions. Like trust me mom I’ve read about it on the internet, Gay marriages are legal (‘Im not gay).

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