My date with the devil!

Your mask loosened and your scales appeared, and you almost deceived me. I was laying next to you, thinking you loved me, but all you really cared about was yourself.

In the amazing chaos you manufactured to keep me at your side, I almost missed it. I chose to see your kindness rather than the darkness of your depths because I wanted to believe in your goodness. My own naivety failed me—a tough fact to accept, but I’m chewing it up and spitting out the fire that’s left at your feet.

You were there, saying one thing and doing another, attempting to persuade me that it was all my fault. I nearly didn’t see how gently you were breaking and moulding me to fit your twisted demands. But then I noticed it. I saw you naked and empty, the true you. Your slick words, like a parasitic creature latching into my soul, are sucking away at my purity. I knew I had dated the Devil and won when I was unmasked and not so alluring in the broad air.

Narcissists are described in the Bible as “evil and offspring of the devil.” Self-righteousness is at the forefront of their leadership style, and they are stubborn to anybody who stands in the way of their twisted game. As if it were a leech hunting for a new host. But you had no idea that behind the layers of the weaker version of myself ‘needing’ your affection was a lion king who would soon no longer need it.

You had no idea how strong I was. You miscalculated my bravery. You minimised my influence. So here I am, at the conclusion of your ambush attempt, rooted in myself and in God. And I challenge you to try again against this lion king, who is supported by an unending lineage of powerful lion kings who have come before me, all ready to put you in your place.

Your feeble attempts to use men for personal benefit will no longer work on me. Behind your poor attempts, I detect a flaw in you. Behind your rage, I sense your vulnerabilities. Behind the mature veneer, I sense your urge to control like a tiny child.

I thank God for rescuing me from what may have been a dreadful future with you. I don’t need their lessons any longer, because the only guy I require is God. So I figured out your plan and was able to walk away from you and towards Him.

God chose me to be his warrior in order for me to defeat your dark side and return you to your rightful location, which is far away from me. And now you may go away with your tail between your legs because I will find a love deserving and worthy of my heart and soul, and you will be left alone in a room full of empty corpses sucked dry to wonder your dysfunction.

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