How will you help a person with suicidal thoughts? (by Vidhi Darji)

Suicide is a desparate attempt to escape suffering that has become unbearable. Blinded by feelings, of self loathing, helplessness and isolation, a suicidal can’t see any way of finding relief except through death. Most Suicidal people are deeply conflicted about ending their own lives. They can’t see any alternative option.
Suicidal prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs and taking them seriously. If you think your friend or family member is suicidal plenty of things you can do to help. There are number of things we can do as supportive and empathetic human.
SPEAK FROM THE SOUL. You are confuse sometime what to say to depressed or suicidal persons. We should speak from heart. Show that you care by talking to them.
LISTEN: Suicidal person carries so much burden, they feel they can’t handle. We should listen their loneliness, feeling of despair, anger. Sometimes this is enough to lighten their burden.
VALIDATE AND SHOW OPENNESS: We should be sympathetic, non judgemental. Person will react according to your behaviour. Be mirror for that person.
TALKING: Talking will allow them to reduce their burden that they are carrying. The longer we keep talking, the more that person will share and feel better.

TRY NOT TO OFFER QUICK SOLUTION: Every person perceive problem according their understanding. Instead of giving instant solution, offer your concern for what they are feeling , without passing any judgements.
Such people needs little support. We have to push them for something better. Pushing them is our role.
“Don’t Quit, God Is About To Do Something Big. Believe and Receive”
You don’t have to see the whole staircase just to take one step.
Such people are never good. They will always say that they F.I.N.E. But in reality they are Frustrated, Impulsive, Nervous, Empty. Our role is to take them to journey of GOOD from FINE.
After making them stable, you can also do things mentioned below.
COURAGE: To attempt suicide, it needs a lot of courage. If that person is so much courageous and strong. So, he/she will definitely fight with the situations, all that person needs a little support. Every human beings needs support, love, care. We should make them realize how courageous they are.
VIEWS: The society classify the social norms, views according to their Convenience. There is no such things as good or bad and as positive and negative. Being negative, sad or depressed is not bad thing. We have to explain this view to such peoples. Of course, we fail sometime. Life is not meant by only success. In that phase, they can only be able to see negative aspect of everything. We should normalize this aspect. Not a single person can be positive for 365 days. Few of them will give up. At that time, you need to be little soft to that person. We have to show them positive aspect. God has planned something more beautiful, peaceful for them.

SELF LOVE is not equal to selfishness but it is equal to Self acceptance. Such person has Atelphobia, i.e fear of not being good enough. Self love is key to prevent you from suicidal thoughts. Self love is accepting yourself the way who you are. You have to accept your failures, just the way you accept your success. Change is necessary. Change is for your betterment. There will be ups and downs. You have to prepare yourself.
“Love yourself instead of loving the idea of other people loving you!”
Start accepting yourself, love yourself, adore yourself. You will feel the energy and your suicidal thoughts can be reduced certain level.
GOAL: As I was writing this, my goal was not just to write but goal was clear that to help such people by my writing. The very same way, we should help such people to make their goal clear. Talk to them, support their goal.
Such peoples are hopeless, we have to give them hope or reason to live. We have to help them to cope up the situations.
“This is tough but so you are!”.
“It’s not that great right now, but it’s not the worst thing either.”
“Not everything will go your way, but you have to try to be flexible.”
“This hurts, so you need to be you extra kind toward yourself”

Homoeopathy helps you to cope up this situations. Homoeopathy is like consulting therapy. Any person can feel better by talking to physician. Homoeopathic medicines helps to regain our vitality and helps to Work our soul, mind and body in a proper fashion.
In this outside world everyone is busy, dealing with their issues. Out of this, if you are spending your few minutes with such peoples and Showing them correct path is very greatful.
Your few kind words means a lot for certain peoples. You never know what the person is going through.
Be little kinder in this selfish world. Be different from others. Be unique. Be helpful.
As one of my friend had committed Suicide. I couldn’t hey help her but I really want to help few of them by this.

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