Beware of the good guys!

Although everyone warned me about the evil ones, no one told me about the good guys.

No one told you about the people who open doors and pull seats out for you. Those who have a knack for saying the perfect thing at the right time. Those who are courteous and respectable. They’re the ones you’d describe as total gentleman. They’re the ones who carry your stuff when it’s too heavy for you. Those that congratulate you frequently and consistently make the nicest gestures. No one informed me that all of this doesn’t necessarily imply that they aren’t the same as the terrible folks we’re supposed to avoid.

When you get into a heated fight with the “good” folks, they might morph into completely different individuals. When they are presented with something they don’t like, they may become the polar opposite. And when you tell people about it, it’s difficult for them to believe you because these are the nice men, the ones that everyone basically says you are too great for this world and too uncommon to find these days.

But I had no idea that appearances may be deceiving. You can’t say a person is excellent just because they have a pleasant demeanour. To properly understand them, you must put them to the test in real-life scenarios, including hot and stressful events. Because it is in these instances that you can determine if the individual is who they appear to be. You can’t base your decision on pleasant gestures, wonderful actions, and sugar-coated words alone.

You need to base your decision on something far bigger and more complex than this. Yes, these gestures are pleasant, and the person in front of you may be precisely as he acts and seems from the outside, but you should not form your thoughts solely on the basis of their appearance. You must make certain that you do not fall into this trap and that you evaluate other factors. Instead, wait until you’re in a severe scenario with that individual before forming an opinion.

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