Yours truly!

This universe, with its sapphire blues and forest greens, appears to be waiting for you.

The pillow inflated clouds around the core of your imagination, which only you are aware of.

You begin to describe the image in your mind’s eye, but your lips are unable to utter the words.

You start to shake in this quiet. Words are only a trick of the eye.

You convince yourself that words are made up, despite all the facts and falsehoods and uncertainty in between. You already don’t believe them.

However, you see something so vividly clear, almost transparent, in this sky-lit image. You assume this is a sign of vulnerability.

As it clings to your body, the sensation rushes down to your bones. It spreads like wildfire through millions of branch-like veins, directly to your fast pounding heart, and no words come to mind. There isn’t one.

You realise you don’t want to say anything. Even if you tried, you wouldn’t be able to share this. But you don’t feel egotistical in the least.

It’s for your almond-shaped eyes, for your never-ending maze of a brain, and it’s all yours. It’s yours to lose yourself in. No one except you will ever find yours.


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