Her escape!

She hardly wore her purple-framed spectacles since they were fogged up.
She reaches for her scalding hot coffee, made with all the caffeine she requires to guarantee she survives another day, one that appears “normal” to others…

She enjoys casual reading, and her favourite genres are love stories and fantasy novels.
She took a deep breath to collect her breath before continuing.

She sinks; sinks too far into the simple world of a written adventure; a world that gives her blinders, allowing her to shut out anything she doesn’t want to see in the actual world.

She listens to music that she often sings along to in a faint whisper while wearing her worn white, abused earbuds.
No one can hear you because it’s so quiet.

When she’s alone, she dances in her underwear, ostensibly to distract herself from the thoughts that leave her unhappy and alone.
Do you aspire to be a world-famous dancer? (known by the name)

She grins, and wow, when she smiles, it’s evident that this girl knows what she’s doing.

But, unfortunately, she yearns to be fixed, to be free of incessant self-doubt, self-hatred, and condemnation.

Unfortunately, no one appears to notice how she genuinely feels, and to be honest, she’s grown so skilled at disguising her anguish that she doesn’t know how to express it.

She’s unsure how to express her anger for herself and all those who have wronged her since she’s been advised that acknowledging what you’re feeling is the first step to healing.
Despite this, she is unsure of how to truly express the pain she has been suppressing for so long.

Because, sadly, she has been wronged.
Is there something that has messed her up so badly that she cannot forget no matter how hard she tries?
There’s no getting away from it.

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