The girl who feels “too much”!

Being the girl who feels “too much” in a society where reason always prevails is challenging. It’s a continual struggle to control your emotions and not frighten people away. We all conceal our hearts in order to keep them from breaking, but some of us do it more than others.

We say “that’s terrific,” but we also feel “I adore you.” We remain calm and impartial.

We text “I’ll let you know when I’m free” even though we are missing you. We act as though we don’t care.

We respond, “Doing good,” despite our feelings of need. We put on a strong front.

By spreading the myth that strong emotions are inappropriate, we believe we are being hip. We contribute to the issue. Instead of creating a new route to connection, we’re maintaining the cycle of isolation. We want to seem “cool,” yet all it does is make us feel chilly.

I respect those who are authentically themselves. People who freely give their hearts to others without worrying that they would one day run out of them. I want to be just like them.

I want you to know, if you’re the girl who feels “too much,” that your openness is a gift. You are not rendered weak by it. Don’t allow them to persuade you that you are overly sensitive. Thinking from your heart is OK. even admirable. Being sensitive to your feelings and capable of profound love are not flaws. One of the most lovely things about love is that you set your own rules; as long as you’re being sincere, there’s no way to go wrong.

Simply look for someone who is awestruck by your strong emotional ability rather than burdened by it. You have to constantly putting yourself out there and revealing to the world the hidden gems that are your true feelings if you want to uncover them.

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