Cleanse your life too!

They usually say that cleanliness is next to godliness. And it truly is, too. Spending time on your hands and knees, scrubbing at stains on the kitchen floor that you’d never even noticed, or pulling back the rugs to uncover large expanses of unspoiled floor has a really pure quality to it. Until you gather all of the dust particles and shoo them out the door, they sparkle in the sunshine.

Cleaning is a routine and a task that needs to be finished. To make your room seem new and fresh, you put out your materials, including the chemicals to bleach, brighten, and disinfect as well as the cloths to sweep off dust. You proceed slowly. Rushing prevents you from doing a complete job; a deep clean must be taken into account. You put on your filthy, worn-out clothing, switch on the radio, and go to work. Cleaning provides you something to do for the next several hours; you can divert your attention from what’s upsetting you, let out your frustrations, and when you’re through, return to what you were doing with a renewed perspective.

I find that cleaning calms my busy mind. I hear the broom sweep across the floor and the raspy “shh”ing sound of a sponge as it scrubs away tenacious stains from the ancient bathtub. Pictures in frames are dusted, grinned at, then placed back in their proper places. The appropriate cupboards are stocked with cleaned and stacked dishes. Unclean clothing is wrapped up and stored. Garbage is removed, and surfaces are cleaned. The clutter is put back where it belongs. You keep working until you’re happy and your environment feels pure and uncluttered.

You have to clear them away too when they shatter your heart. You need to thoroughly clean everything out of your life, wash the linens to remove any traces of their skin, eyelashes, and hair, toss away their toothbrush, and give their sweaters to the Goodwill. If it offends you, it was thrown out with the trash by the garbage guy. The only thing that can restore your sense of well-being after a terrible event that rocks your world is a new beginning. There will be no sign that the damage ever existed when you thoroughly clean up the mess and take your time to make sure every crevice is polished and clean.

I was in pain, hurt, and bitterness all over when I first got into my flat. My skin was sore to the touch and covered from head to toe in invisible bruises. I sought a location that hadn’t yet been stained and rooms with a clean record. The first time I opened the door, all that was within was empty, pristine space. All that the previous owner had left behind were a few large gouges in the floor, and she had done a wonderful job of entirely wiping herself from every square inch.

I unloaded all the boxes that first night, loaded everything in, put everything in its proper place, spread every perfume bottle on a tray, hung every item of clothing in its proper place, and then I lighted all the candles and lay on the floor. I shut my eyes and controlled my racing thoughts. I was only calm at that time. I had to be at this location. This was a brand-new day for me, a day without any blunders yet. Here, in these spotless chambers, there was ample room to breathe.

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