I hope I haunt you!

I hope I spook you in your sleep.
Every night when you lie in bed, I wish you hurt because I can’t hold you to keep you warm. to protect you. I wish you were aware of how fortunate you were and that it brought you to your knees because you knew it would never happen again. I hope every embrace you get makes you think of how close we used to hold one other. I hope the message I delivered to you was so loud that it was the only thing you heard. When you discover that, I hope my spirit follows you around the apartment and all the memories we had strike you like a freight train.

I hope you detest going to sleep in our bed at night. I hope you snuggle up in it and attempt to numb the discomfort.

But most of all, I pray the next heart you carelessly and selfishly shatter that satisfies your hunger rather than forcing you to drink its blood to the point of nausea.

I hope you safeguard that heart. I wish you would give that heart a home and the love it so well deserves.

Then, perhaps, that heart will reject you.

Spits you out due to the poison coursing through your body. I want you to feel inadequate and devastated after reading this.

I hope it causes you to doubt your value and wonder what you did wrong. anything you may have omitted to have earned this. I’m hoping that when that happens, everything hits you at once.

You won’t understand what you’ve done to me until that time, and only then.

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Desai Thoughts MEdia.

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