A new way to look at love!

I have questioned if you were it for me ever since the day you departed. I only truly realised what love was when I gazed at you. I already knew you loved me; I didn’t need you to tell me. Our words could never adequately convey what our eyes were saying. Perhaps we were both too terrified of what might transpire if we attempted to make sense of all that was transpiring between us using those words. Or perhaps we both believed that if we never expressed how we truly felt, we could carry on acting as though what we had no value. We could keep saying that what we were doing was simply for fun.

For you, love meant sipping coffee together on a brisk April evening. It usually took a little while for us to become comfortable with one other again, but once it did, it was like returning home after an extended journey. We occasionally fell into awkward silences together and debated whether to hug, kiss, or wave timidly, but you always came back to me. We may have both thought that the coffee would reveal our secrets for us because there were certain things we didn’t say but rather murmured into the darkness of the beverage. Maybe we both believed that the darkness would hide our suffering.

I had never experienced anything like the way you stared at me. I will never forget waking up next to you for the last time and the way you gazed into my eyes as you kissed me good morning. I will never forget the way you looked at me on our first date and uttered the word “perfect.” The moment I realised our time together was about to end, I knew it. We both understood that what we had was not meant to last. Despite the fact that we could never be more than passing incidents in one another’s lives, we nevertheless chose to stay together.

There were some bumps in the road. We didn’t talk for months, so I thought I would never see you again. One of the happiest days of my life was the day you returned to me. Before you, I had a hard time trusting in fate, and I had trouble picturing love as something that would happen to me. You unexpectedly showing up in my life convinced me that there is constantly activity going on, even when it seems like nothing is occurring. The universe is piece by piece putting your life together, even on your toughest days.

I’m so glad I got the chance to spend time with you since you were someone I never expected to meet. You were everything I needed at that time in my life, despite the fact that our love did not look the way I had ever envisioned it to. Love with you was all about savouring the tiny moments; it wasn’t about titles or grand declarations of love on social media. You shown your affection for me by taking little steps during our time together to let me know you were thinking of me. You showed me your devotion by always ensuring that I made it safely to my train home. You shown your affection for me by making sure I was taken care of and by cooking for me. You showed me how much you cared for me in a million little ways that, until I met you, I had no idea mattered. I will always be appreciative of your kindness for making me finally realise my worth.

I’ll never forget how you made me feel, even if what we had was never identified and made official. Some individuals choose to display their love for us in large, obvious ways, while others prefer to do it on a daily basis in smaller ways. Always keep in mind that you deserve their love, regardless of how they choose to express it to you. Never forget how their love made you feel, even if they were to leave you. Someone else will adore you if they did, too.

Your affection for me altered my course. And even if you never return to my life, I will always be able to feel your love. You will always be the love that improved my life in my eyes.

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