Lights on!

Lowering your expectations of life is absolutely necessary if you want to be happy in it. The world is gloomy. Dream in the dark, but be ready to wake up.

Then practise going through the motions until you are an expert. at taking the necessary action to keep the lights on. at making commitments and fervently following through on them. towards developing a moral compass that is unwaveringly empathetic and honed.

You may feel drawn to a particular individual, but they are only looking to harm you. What appears to be the perfect silver lining may turn out to be barbed wire.

You must take care of yourself if you want to feel at peace. Take pauses from your devices, do some exercise, eat nutritious foods you enjoy, and form some intimate relationships with other people from this planet.

You don’t need a second house, a ring for ₹25,000, a mansion worth ₹1 million, or a salary of ₹250,000. I guarantee it. You don’t require a high-profile title or an expensive imported vehicle. You just require enough. If you know how to cultivate it, nurture it, return it, and value it, having enough is simple.

You want for that one individual who, in a few years, won’t even be among your closest friends.

You don’t need to be married to someone you don’t want to be, to have furnishings you dislike, to be around people who don’t serve you, or to have a job that doesn’t make you happy. It’s not necessary to constantly take the ideal picture of yourself in the ideal stance, attire, and lighting.

Actually, the distinction is in the pointless, dull garbage. wash your clothes. ingest water. Prepare your food. Phone your father. With your pals, have fun. Participate in your community. Utilize all of your time off. Pay the bills. Make promises you’ll keep. acquire and perfect skills.

If you excel at those, people will trust you with bigger and better tasks, and you will have the privilege of either accepting them or determining if they are appropriate. The bad thing usually becomes worse as it gets more. Live frugally and deeply.

It doesn’t take a moonshot to be fulfilled if you really want it. It takes repetition for doing the right thing and the simple things to become second nature. Small pleasures repeated. regular excellence

You must be content on empty in order to feel full. Lessons can’t be skipped. The stop signals cannot be ignored.

Love at a nascent age can hinder and hamper your glorious future that might end up being a gloomy dark night rather than a bright morning.

Value the one’s who you know are going to be by your side forever and never gonna harm you.

The world is gloomy. You’re responsible for keeping the lights on. That is what distinguishes you.

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