Dear Parents

Dear Parents

I’ve stopped dismissing you like I used to, I’ve begun listening more like I used to, and I’ve stopped trying to prove my point in favour of trying to grasp what you’re trying to say.

Since I was a young child, I have been thinking about these emotions constantly. When you passthe teenage years, “you feel the duty of family, house, and every necessity,” so the saying goes. But when I became 18, these obligations began to weigh on me. I never express my emotions when I watch you guys working so hard and feeling so stressed. Because of the way you handled yourself in every circumstance, I always consider ways to make your “YOUNGAGE” cool and secure. People never age because they are eternal. When I see you out there, I have a lot of emotions.

I want to consume all of your duties and let you know that I’ve got your back. I want to fulfil your image of me to the fullest. I am aware that many factors go into creating the ideal existence, but I want to assure you that I will do everything possible to ensure your youth is as lovely as you had hoped.

Now that everything is fixed, I feel entirely responsible. To make you proud, I’ve started to create my way and stand out. As I stand in front of you, I’m telling you to turn over your duties and take a break. Thank you, Parents, for everything you did, including providing us with the best possible upbringing. We appreciate all our parents did for us, from buying us a chocolate to shaping who we are today. I sincerely appreciate everything you accomplished, and now it’s our turn to do everything in our power to put you at ease.

Dear Parents, I appreciate everything.
my heartfelt thanks, Dhimahi Jani


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