It had just past midnight. A single black automobile entered an empty parking lot. Under the acid-yellow glare of the streetlights, it moved like a shadow before veering into the farthest corner and stopping abruptly. The driver got out of the automobile as the motor shut off, and the vehicle trembled nervously. She wrenched a woman’s moan from her throat. The lady whispered, “Now?” The driver pleaded in a low voice, “Please, now”. He was hovering over her in the passenger seat, and the woman could feel his desperation. She gave a playful smile as she gradually unbuttoned her top. Her creamy complexion, drenched in the shadows and golden lights, drew his attention and made him gasp. She could feel the hunger vibrating in his body as he lowered his body towards her.

His abrupt lunge caught her breath as his lips engulfed hers in a voracious kiss. As his tongue tore into her neck, her body writhed in gratification. Under them, the automobile trembled. His hands tore apart her blouse, and his tongue tasted her delicate skin, her breast swell, and the pulse in her neck. She panted while beckoningly bringing her head closer. She could hear the car’s metal groaning and saw the glass glinting in the moonless night and streetlights. As he softly bit into her and held her between his teeth, she gasped. As his tongue dropped to her navel and his hands seized her skirt, the lights outside wildly flickered.

She screamed as her world was hurled into the darkness of night when the yellow abruptly turned into black. She could feel the man’s warm touch and comforting words, but she was unable to stop her heart from racing. She whimpered, “What happened?” Her hand was in front of her face, out of sight. What the hell is happening? “It’s simply a blackout,” the speaker said. She could sense the man’s lack of concern for the night and his sole concern for yanking her skirt away. She could feel a frost cutting at her neck, yet part of her wanted nothing more than to surrender herself to him, to give herself to pleasure in the all-pervasive darkness. “There’s a problem. I’d rather not—”

She felt the man step away from her when he sighed. “All right, switch on the car’s light for me.” He stood up, and she also heard a sneaky click in the shadows. He muttered an expletive, and the clicking continued to get worse with no apparent effect. No light will come on. She understood. Without his comforting touch, she felt exposed and defenceless. I was alone in the passenger seat, cut off from the rest of the world. He groaned, “This isn’t going to work.  I’ll turn on the headlights if you let me find the keys.” Outside the automobile, there was a sound. as when metal meets concrete. The woman heard the man patting his denim trousers as her breath caught in her throat.

The guy said, “Where are my keys?” But the woman’s attention was elsewhere, and despite her wide eyes, she saw nothing. She waited for the noise that had vanished into the darkness, the rest of her body useless, but heard nothing until it returned. concrete being scrapped by metal. Louder. Closer. a rough, hissing chuckle that sounds like someone is attempting to hide their laughing. The man’s palm came down on her lips in the middle of her scream. She could hear the dread in his voice as he implored, “Help me find my keys,” while barking at her to calm down.

The pair was suddenly blinded by the abrupt shock between the acid-yellow and black as the lights started to strobe. Together, the pair grasped for the floor’s carpeting and the leather seats as they fumbled helplessly between the dark and the light. The woman kept glancing out the window, almost catching a glimpse of something before it vanished. It got closer with each flash. Larger. Crimson in the yellow light seemed unnaturally red. “I located—!” The world went black as the man’s voice was cut off. She shrieked as something landed on her bare lap and made a wet hacking noise. She heard it thud on the floor as she kicked it away.

When the lights came on again, she noticed the man’s head laying on the floor with his white eyes looking up at her. Before the woman could scream in horror, she heard a dull crushing sound near the right side of her skull. towards the windscreen. She was paralysed by terror and could do nothing except gaze at the vacant seat in the driver’s seat where the body of her boyfriend should have been. In order to avoid having to glance to her right, she hoped that it had been dark once more. to realise what is coming. She made a head turn.

A twisted caricature of a human form, which was nearly blazing red beneath the acidic lighting, was sitting on the hood. Every aspect of the body was twisted, with the limbs being unusually lengthy and the bones sticking out at odd angles. The hands clutching the man’s severed flesh had too many fingers, and each one was twisted in a way that suggested it had been pounded hard. The head, which was strangely shaped like a human’s but was actually just a bleeding burlap bag, was the most horrifying feature. No mouth, nose, or eyes. There are just beaming jaws with long, thin teeth that extend to both sides of the face. Just for her, it grinned. The lady reached for the automobile door.

“Where are you going, dear?” the red object, in a voice that was a mix of the man’s speech and something more darker. “I’m starving,” As the streetlights and windscreen blasted into darkness, there was a cacophony of glass cracking. The woman’s dying shriek was absorbed by the nothingness.

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