“Hey, baby. I miss you already. I was thinking maybe I could come over and we could hang out again.”

“Look. I should have told you back at the restaurant, I’m just not interested, ok?”

I hung up the phone in a tizzy and ran towards my bedroom. I wanted to lock myself in there and throw the covers over my head like I did when I was a child, but I knew that wouldn’t help me. I just wanted to feel some sort of safety net around me.

My feet sprang up the stairs, I promised myself I would call the police as soon as I was in my room. I just needed to be in a place of comfort before I had an anxiety attack. As I headed up the staircase, I thought back to the moment I agreed to sign up for Tinder, then started laughing hysterically. I couldn’t believe that the first date I had agreed to go on had ended so terribly. This is exactly why your parents tell you not to talk to strangers. Laughter filled my lungs; the stress of the situation was starting to get to my head.

I was halfway up the staircase rounding the corner to ascend the second half of stairs when I saw a silhouette above me which nearly sent me into a heart attack.

There he was, at the top of the staircase waiting for me, an evil grin spread across his face. How could he have possibly beat me home? How did he get into my house without me knowing?

I could feel my heart flutter as adrenaline started to surge through my body, like a tsunami filling a kiddie pool.

In an instant, I flung my body in the opposite direction to run away, but he was too fast for me – and I still had these damn wedges on. I could hear his feet thudding down the staircase, the sound of a thousand elephants running. My feet couldn’t carry me fast enough, I tried to grab the keys from my purse, but before I could run out the door, a hand was around my face.

Biceps of steel restricted my rib cage, I tried to yell and fight for my life. Everything happened so fast, before I could muster any more strength to fight, a washcloth covered my face and my feet left the floor. First, I felt a wave of calmness overcome me like I was flying in the ski with the birds, falling through big puffs of clouds. Then all at once, a deep tiredness overtook my body. Each muscle from my legs to my arms went into retirement, with blackness chasing close behind.

I woke to find myself sitting on a chair in the corner of my basement. The rug burns of rope burned my skin; my hands and feet were bound together. An echo of screams radiated up my windpipes, but caught a dead end as my mouth was masked shut with duct tape. As I started to come to, my eyes met the man who I had once been so willing to sit with. His once golden-brown hair had turned dark and sweaty. My eyes followed his muscular arms to see what he was fiddling with; the head of a glass bottle twirled between his fingertips as he watched me, an eager smile spread across his face that screamed evil.

As he stood up, the glass bottle fell to the floor with a few swigs of brown liquid washing around the corners; whiskey. Had he been drinking? How long was I out for? I watched as he stumbled towards me, the smell of alcohol burned my nose hairs. Fear was beating at my chest with each step closer he came until he was just a foot away from me. Another scream left my lips, which was of no use since the duct tape stopped any sound that would have come out.

His eyes stared into my soul as he stood calm, cool, and collected; like he had done this a hundred times before. With broad shoulders, and an air of confidence, his alcohol ridden lips opened as the last sentence I heard fell from his mouth.

“This is going to hurt.”

Desai Thoughts MEdia.

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