How to move on ?

Hum jab bachpan me gir jate hai aur hume chhot lag jati hai aur kabhi kabhi chhot bohat zyada lag jati hai.. and tabhi bohat pain hota hai that was very painful very hurtful and always we cry a lot coz of pain. But jaise jaise din jate h to woh chhot heal hone lagti hai.
But sometimes it leaves a spot for a life time.
So do we cry for entire life coz we always see the spot ?
No right ! We can see that spot but we just don’t care.
So it is similar to our past, out past should never disturb or ruin our present as well as future.
Past should not affect our present.
Whatever bad happened in life we should cry at that time and leave that phase.
There is more to come cherish them.
Always see the positive angle in everything . Move on and be happy !
Keep a biggest smile on face always. 😊

Written by Drashti Makadiya.
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