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Some people believe they should keep all the money they have earned and should
not pay tax to the state. Do you agree or disagree?
I disagree with the statement that individuals should not pay taxes to the state. The
government runs the country from the taxes it collects. Taxes are collected only from those who
earn above a certain minimum limit. It is our moral duty to pay taxes.
Tax money collected by government is used to fund basic amenities, provide various services to
citizens and for government administration and projects, running of jails and defense system,
and many other operations. It is not wrong to say that “taxes run a country.” Thus, it is very
important for a government to make people pay taxes.
Let us analyze why people do not want to pay taxes. The main reason is their dissatisfaction with
government in serving them. They blame government for things like lack of infrastructure,
poverty and unemployment, but they are not completely wrong as tax revenue is misused in
some or the other way in every country. In developed countries, however, because of higher
satisfaction from government’s functioning, citizens may be more willing to pay taxes. Another
factor generating dissatisfaction is the tax structure itself. Often the tax system is complex and it
drives people away from paying taxes. It is also felt that the tax rates are high and tax slabs are
unequal. So they feel it is not unethical if one goes for tax avoidance or tax evasion.
Not paying taxes can drastically affect a country’s revenue generation, my own country, India,
for that matter. But then, it is equally desired that government come up with a fair tax structure
and also make people aware where the taxes are being diverted. Even lowering the tax rates can
help a country increase its tax collection as it would increase compliance among the taxpayers.
Tax reform should also be fast so that no public grievance or non-compliance remains for long. A
proper tax system backed up with strict tax laws can produce the best results.
Summing up, I reiterate my opinion by saying that it is the duty of every citizen to pay tax and
the duty of every government to use it appropriately in public interest.

Many employees may work at home with the modern technology. Some
people claim that it can benefit only the workers, not the employers. Do you agree
or disagree?
Working from home with the help of telephone lines, or, in other words, telecommuting has become
very popular especially where the Internet connections are fast and reliable. I, disagree with the
given statement that it can benefit only the employees and not the employers. Telecommuting is a
win-win situation for both employers and employees.
There are many advantages of telecommuting to employees. To begin with, it saves time as no time
is wasted commuting to and from the office. It also saves money as no spending on private or public
transport has to be done. Furthermore the worker can look after family commitments like dropping
the child to school etc. Although most of the work done by tele-workers is monitored, still a few
minutes can be snatched at times. Finally, the tele-worker can do some side business side by side.
On the other hand there are many advantages to employers. Firstly, less office space is needed as
the workers are working from home. It is a fact that land prices are exorbitant and it is very
expensive to build large offices. Not only building but maintaining offices is also very costly. Then, it
has been seen that employees take less sick leave and other leaves. This is also beneficial for
It would be worthwhile to consider why some people opine that telecommuting is not beneficial for
employers. They argue that supervising tele-workers is difficult. Statistics have proved that
telecommuters take pains to work well from home as they realize the benefits it has for them.
To sum up, telecommuting benefits both workers as well as employers.

Written by Vishesh Shah.
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