Many of my friends going through it and also everywhere I see overthinking overthinking overthinking and it bothers me to overthink about overthinking!

So what it is?

Overthinking is the process of constantly analyzing one’s thoughts! An individual is stuck mentally rehashing their past or present decisions or actions!

When “OVERTHINKING” word hits you what’s the first thing comes in your mind? … It is “Overthinking kills happiness, it destroys you, it’s is a mental disease, etc, etc.. “

Only negative thoughts come in your mind when you hear overthinking words!

Umm, why not positive?

I will explain to you what is positive in overthinking!

When you feel low or you getting upset or you feel like I am overthinking just ask yourself a question “WAS IT BETTER THAN YESTERDAY OR NOT?” Yes, it was and if it wasn’t I will talk about that also later! Every day is better than yesterday or it has new hopes! If yours today was better than yesterday of course after that you will overthink about the future and it will be better than today! After that, you will overthink something positive and in that, you will find some new ideas, new things, new paths which lead to your future! Your brain will work excellently And in this way OVERTHINKING BUILTS YOU!

Now, what if your today was worst than yesterday? Just sleep but overthinking affects the sleep cycle so what to do now? Just wash it out everything and in this situation just think about YOURSELF only, about your body! Be selfish! How beautifully God has made you. When you feel numbness in edges of your limbs you feel irritated, you can’t control it, you become restless! It is just because your edges of your limbs are not getting proper blood supply! So you all can think about how beautiful is your body and magnificently it works!

Your brain is controlling everything! What is Your brain, stomach, pancreas, liver, heart, kidney, all your body asking for? just 8-10 hours of sleep! Can’t you give? Relax your mind, reduce its work, and not increase! If you can’t give rest to your body you will become weak, you will overthink and this situation hits you hard and you will be like okay I give up! How dare this situation slap you?

I have one example if someone slaps you, will you slap him/ her back? Yes, you will but Why? It is because of how dare she/ he slaps you! You are not weak! How dare someone will hurt you? So how dare this situation slaps you! Be powerful, you all have attitude just slap this situation and walk with courage! You feel winning!

I searched about it, on google, I got a negative response! So I challenge my mind to think about what’s positive in overthinking! In this situation my brain worked much faster, I overthink about this and see I got something positive in it! My overthinking for overthinking gave me the ability to find something positive in negativity! So overthinking BUILTS me! Overthink makes me happy! Do overthink but when you overthink and you loose hopes, Be selfish And give rest to your brain! We should use “OVERTHINKING BUILTS YOU” rather than “OVERTHINKING KILLS YOU”! I want this phrase to be share and change your way of thinking for overthinking!

Written by Vidhi Darji.

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