Connecting the dots

I keep trying to recall how we got here. I’m trying to connect the dots from the first time we met to the time we found ourselves sitting together late at night, talking about the most random things. And then I keep trying to connect those to the mornings I’d catch myself smiling first thing... Continue Reading →

Woh teen shabd

There are three words that haunt me like the sound of a scream in the night echoing off of whatever it can find They cling to life when they are told to let go Those three words fell so easily out of your mouth and were quickly packaged and shipped to your house where we... Continue Reading →


Will I ever find my soulmate?Will I ever find someone who loves me more than life itself- or even harder-someone I love more than life itself?It’s cyclesI meet youI like youI ask youYou say yesYou’re happyI’m tormentedI end itYou’re unhappyI’m still tormentedNobody’s feelings get hurt but yoursThe guilt of your feelings digging a hole in... Continue Reading →

Hum Tum aur Woh

I had forgotten I ever lived in the city proper until I remembered you. And when I did, I wondered if I would recognize you if I ever saw you on the street. I probably wouldn’t, but I remembered your hair weren’t quite black, but tinged with it, and I think you wore glasses because... Continue Reading →

Choose wisely!

It’s easy to wake up every morning with a full cup and even easier to allow everyone to take from your cup throughout the day without even realizing it. You’re a giver. You’re a people pleaser. You like to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever you can. There’s nothing wrong with this. There’s nothing... Continue Reading →

The old house!

In the old house, we sometimes slept late. I’d wake up far past the time set on my alarm because I heard voices outside my door, or cats meowing for their delayed breakfast. We’d sleep late, or we’d wake up early and drink coffee on the couch and watch the kind of Sunday morning shows... Continue Reading →

Body vs Soul!

Exhausted isn’t just enough to describe the state I am going through right now. I am exhausted yes, this tiredness is beyond physiological tiredness. It’s psychological, it’s emotional. I am tired of being strong. I am tired of trying to put on that smile on my face every day of a strong man and be... Continue Reading →


Some people get mad when you start loving yourself more because now you say no a lot more than yes. Now you use your voice and say things they’re not used to hearing from you. Now you know your worth and you don’t settle for the bits and pieces you used to settle for when... Continue Reading →

When you’re toxic!

Laura had been avoiding me for weeks. Whenever I saw her, she made up lame excuses for why she hadn’t returned my calls, and I was getting more and more frustrated. She had been my closest friend, yet here she was, being evasive and weird. Finally, I confronted her.  “Can we just talk?” I said quietly,... Continue Reading →

To lakes and you!

I took a walk along the eastern lakeshore this morning. The one with a view that glitters in the daylight and splashes in melodies at night. And it made me think about how beautiful nature and the water’s magical combination truly is. It’s a symbol of inspiring love. Each morning, the lake basks in its love of the sun’s warmth. Its... Continue Reading →

Your beauty!

It reveals something to me about loss, but I think it’s the most wonderful thing in the world to go into the woods season after season and see the same animals there every time and know exactly where to find them. It’s the way we know how the lofty brown squirrel chewing on pinecones will... Continue Reading →

Toxic relationship!

We can very easily mistake attachment for love. We can very easily mistake gripping, and clasping at a relationship for fighting for it, for caring in ways most don’t these days. But that can often mean that we’re fostering an unhealthy attachment. Attachment speaks to trying to keep something in your life from a place... Continue Reading →

This is the new loneliness!

It’s a weekday evening and you’re feeling restless. You’re texting friends and you’re watching Netflix and you’re on your laptop and you’re scrolling through Tumblr or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Your attention is in ten different directions, yet there’s a tug, a tiny voice in the back of your mind. It asks: what are you... Continue Reading →

Don’t ignore the red flags!

I’m slowly learning that ignoring the red flags you see in the beginning is probably the worst thing you could do to yourself because they never turn green and they never change. I’m slowly learning that the old cliche that the red flags you see in the beginning become the reasons you leave later is... Continue Reading →

Don’t stop investing in yourself!

I hope you never stop investing in yourself no matter who you’re with or how much you’re loved or how much you’ve accomplished. I hope you don’t suppress your needs or desires because you’re afraid of how people will perceive you or how they’ll judge you. I hope you can always be enough for yourself... Continue Reading →


I lie about being fine because it is an easy way to keep conversations from becoming awkward. Yes, I am going through something. Yes, it would help to get some of my darker emotions off my chest. But that does not mean I want to talk about my problems to every single person who approaches... Continue Reading →

Blessing in disguise!

When I look back on some of the things I prayed for in the past, I feel lucky and grateful that they didn’t happen because now that I know better, some of the things I prayed for would have ruined my life. You see, it’s not that God didn’t answer your prayer, he answered it... Continue Reading →

Who hurt you?

Someone once asked me Bright eyes full of concern “Who hurt you?” I only wish I could have told them, that would be the kind of pain I long for I have dealt in the currency of broken hearts ever since I realized I had one That is the pain I know how to break... Continue Reading →


When I look back on some of the things I prayed for in the past, I feel lucky and grateful that they didn’t happen because now that I know better, some of the things I prayed for would have ruined my life. You see, it’s not that God didn’t answer your prayer, he answered it... Continue Reading →

The purpose of pain!

It is a universal truth: something only runs when it is being chased. A gazelle from a lion. A minute from a second. A criminal from a cop. We run because we fear danger. We run because we believe if we stay in one spot, pain will ensue. We don’t stop until we feel safe again. An... Continue Reading →

Ignore her!

Ignore her text because she doesn’t care enough to answer yours. And if she can’t do the bare minimum good luck getting her to do anything else. Ignore her text because she’s not making a point to show up. Ignore her text because all you’ve been doing is talking for months and nothing has come... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary!

Dear Diary, I’ve been writing in you for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I would write about how annoying my brother was being, or how unfair it was that my parents had stricter rules for me than him. Or I’d write about the cute and hot girls in my class.... Continue Reading →

The girl with a sunflower!

“Bang!” We heard something loud and stopped dead in our tracks. Could we have just heard what we thought we heard? We waited a moment and listened, then continued ahead on our trek through the woods. We had been there many times before. Not this particular place, but it felt familiar, for we had been... Continue Reading →

Content vs Knowledge

If a girl posts a picture or a reel, she gets over 500 likes. But if I’m posting knowledge, maybe about 20 likes? You like her pictures better because it gets straight to the point? Her brown eyes tell a better story? Her legs and small waist is clear and you don’t have to read... Continue Reading →

The Constellations!

God, Goddess, Creator, Mother Nature, Universe? I am unsure of who created me. Who took the stars, crushed them into fine powder, and poured them into this vessel. Who took the clay of the planets and molded me into this imperfect being, filled with the magic of the universe. Who put the twinkle of the... Continue Reading →

When you can’t find the words!

I’m wrapped up in my blanket that feels like a cloud holding me close. The soft glow of my crystal lamp gives off enough light to see my words, but it’s intimate enough that I don’t feel exposed. The pen strokes are furiously outside the lines, and it’s unsettling not having any reason or rhythm... Continue Reading →

You’re a beautifully wild thing!

There are boyswho are going to promise youforevers in song,in poetry,in words that are just so damned prettythey will be hard to resist. You’re their dream girl.Beautiful, strong, independent.Forever, they sigh, forever. But their forevers comewith hidden terms and conditions, their love is a secret contract,with addendum and asterisks. Forever is onlyuntil you start dreaming... Continue Reading →

Aurora Borealis!

The lights in the sky have always meant home. The North. Miles of flat road and high beams and no one else around. A gift from above not meant to be explained or counted on or captured — just experienced. They shut you up and glue you to your driver’s seat on the side of the road... Continue Reading →

How important are your intuitions!

We are in the midst of an important change for all of humanity. In the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in unprecedented ways. We have been forced to reconsider how we interact with others and isolate ourselves in our own homes. There’s still a lot to learn, but it’s heart-warming... Continue Reading →

The late train!

Many a sleepless night, I lie there in the darkness, eyes open wideLost in a myriad of thoughts, I wander aimlessly, searching for a ride A colossal light appears in the horizon, thundering towards me like a mighty juggernautIt approaches hastily still, I recognize it, my late night train of thought Rain starts to pour... Continue Reading →

Love Hate!

Here we are at another impasse Where we’ve both spewed to much venom and left the other burned  And I hate you so much I’ll storm out and never say your name again But those dark eyes that see right through me are so burned in my memory My thoughts often drift back to them And I... Continue Reading →

Please understand!

You are each beautiful, tragically so. You are the sum of your parts, but in that you are a striking testament to your story. Your scars. Your lines. Your curves. Dimples where skin hangs just slightly sallow over bones, and freckles where maybe you wish they weren’t. But you are as beautiful as you are... Continue Reading →

Fear of flying!

Do birds fear dying while flying? Do they feel their last fall as they crash on the ground? The soft grass in their wings? Or the hard and cold or hot pavement stone or rooftop? Do they look at the sky in the end and wish they could feel the air once again? Where do... Continue Reading →

The lone wolf!

In a pack of wolves, the alpha walks at the end. He wanders the wild, crossing every stream, feeling the way through the darkness in order for his beloved pack to remain as one. This is the core intent of those who feel like an outcast—only the compassion is acted out from a distance. If the... Continue Reading →

The earth woman!

The earth woman journeys to the underworld. She is where lifeforms begin to evolve into pure connection. She is the sheltered places we rest our heads at night — the cradle of nature and of life. She is the peacemaker, the builder, the mother, the musician, the analyst, the minister, and the nurturer who incorporates her... Continue Reading →

Be Patient and watch!

Just be patient and watch how everything eventually works out in your favor, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. Just be patient and you will understand why some people weren’t meant to stay in your life. You will see their true colors, you will see how they treat other people, you will... Continue Reading →

Why female friendships help you?

I call myself a Feminist because I’m one, and I’m ready for all the criticism building up in your head, from the moment you read the title, because I’m really being an asshole discriminating against men. But well, I’m just going to talk about my personal experiences, and I strongly believe, that despite fighting for... Continue Reading →

Maybe you need a break!

Some girls are always running around, trying to get shit done. They have a million things on their plate because they hate saying no to an opportunity, no to a friend in need, no to the chance to have some fun. Stressed out girls are trying their hardest to balance their social lives and careers,... Continue Reading →

Ever fallen in love with a ghost?

Our only reach was for the glass of hope that was centered between us. Parched of connection, we thirstily and desperately extended our tired hands, at first for each other and then for nothing. This is what it’s like to love a ghost. Our promised “could-be’s” pooled at the base of our icy foundations. We... Continue Reading →

Maybe LOVE!

How do you define love? A chemical reaction? Deep feelings of attachment, affection, and need. Dramatic, sudden feelings of attraction and respect? Sometimes you fill journals trying to define love, but the answer was on the first page. Maybe love is a fleeting emotion of care and affection. Maybe a soulmate is a moment in... Continue Reading →

You cannot be fixed!

You cannot be fixedFor you are not brokenEven when you feel like you areFor you are fine chinaWith your cracks filled with goldThat radiate brighter than the sun You cannot be fixedFor you are not brokenEven when you feel overwhelmedWith the heavinessAnd weight of the worldKnow that you are allowedTo put it downTo let goFor... Continue Reading →

Can you see it in my eyes???

How someone behaves when they’re in love, varies from person to person. Every person has their own way of showing that they care about you. But I don’t feel like doing stuff for someone anymore, I have become very numb and shallow when it comes to showing love. Whatever I invested in my last relationship,... Continue Reading →

Self Apology!

So, this is me. I am trying to make myself understand that all of these open wounds are mine to heal and mine alone. Nobody’s coming back to undo what they have done so carelessly and without even the smallest shred of regret. They’re just not. This is me recognizing that you no longer need... Continue Reading →

Wait for it!

Wait for it. Wait for the one who understands your anxieties. Wait for the one who knows when they’re clogging your mind. Wait for the one who knows how to pull you out of that. Wait for the one who looks at you and only you when you’re talking. Wait for the one who makes... Continue Reading →

How important is loving yourself?

The love you find within yourself will be yours forever. However, I know that the journey back home to yourself, the journey towards being comfortable, and at peace, on your own, and learning how to hold your own heart, and hold your own space, in a way that doesn’t scare you, but rather, in a... Continue Reading →

Right now, you are my everything!

I will always remember You because even though we are something with some thing  we will never be any thing anything at all is no thing and nothing can compare to how You make me feel indescribable inexplicable impossible to explain to anyone or any one incandescently happy And all I know is out of... Continue Reading →


Goodbye, my best friend.Goodbye, best friend I ever had. I know what we had wasn’t perfect,I know what we had caused a lot of pain,I know what we had will largely be forgotten.And our memory will just be a name. It’s not the stuff that sticks.It’s not the love letters,Or the postcards,Or the beach-front kiss.It’s... Continue Reading →

Manasvi Nimgade

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Bhavesh Sahu

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Rage and Love!

Isn’t it funny how you can go from loving somebody unconditionally to hating them in a split second Isn’t it funny how the rage can consume you can completely devour you can chew you up only to spit you back out completely disheveled and naked left bare with nothing but hate as your compass points... Continue Reading →

Set them free!

There are some ghosts that simply don’t seem to want to leave. They have made a home in the between; feeling at home in the attic or basement with the other pieces of history. Comfortable among the cobwebs. Settled in the still air. Delighted in the darkness. One may visit them from time to time... Continue Reading →

I don’t wanna be a stranger anymore!

Emotions leak through the crevices made by the broken edges of the heart, lies that leak through perfectly glued excuses, what do you believe? What are the things you believe in anymore? Are you one of them? Do you believe things will get better or will they repeat the same pattern as before? Who will... Continue Reading →

Stages of Infatuation!

First-ever romantic gestures strung up on display for the world to see, strangers become witnesses to pleasant uncertainty. Not wanting to confuse kindness for interest, the mind wanders. Flowers die in winter; how could she ever know this could possibly bloom? My mind gone, yet my body present. Seemingly mundane movements leave me breathless. I... Continue Reading →

Seven Minutes!

One time when my cousin and I were talkingHe suddenly asked me if I’ve ever experienced witnessing a solar eclipseI just smiledThought of youThen said, “Somewhat.”He asked why I said “Somewhat”I explained to him that a solar eclipse lasts for seven minutesSeven minutes just like my love for you. On the first minuteMy heart was... Continue Reading →

Manasvi Nimgade

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Bhavesh Sahu

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Kiss me!

Kiss me, that’s what you said.You always say that every time we are alone.You say that the very moment I step into your home. Kiss me.Those two words echoes through my brain and then my body vibrates.You hug me, I try not to hug you back.It takes all my will not to return it to... Continue Reading →

Richa Talreja

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Chirag Parmar

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Rajvee Dedhia

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Manasvi Nimgade

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You’re irreplaceable!

I know that it hurts at first, it cuts deep into your childhood wounds and all the times you felt you weren’t good enough. It takes you back to all the times you weren’t chosen whether it was your basketball team at school or the first job you ever interviewed for or the first person... Continue Reading →

It’s too late!

My entire life I’ve tried to be a people pleaser. To do anything and everything to make people happy, to make them stay. Maybe that stems from my abandonment issues, my fear that everyone I love will leave. I’m flawed in so many ways. I don’t always brush my hair, most days I get up... Continue Reading →

Watch me go!

I saw you last night. First time since I “broke your heart.” You called. I answered. Your voice crackling with desperation, begging to see me. No part of me wanted you. Still, I went. Two a.m. love. Actually, not love. Artificial connection. Sex. I wanted to be touched, but not by you. I don’t regret... Continue Reading →

Let it hurt!

They say, Let it hurt then let it go. I think you should know… I never let it go. So free, but always running. Restricted those lies to myself. Pulled back the curtains and allowed sunlight in, only to close them once more. I cannot remain true to myself while constantly pretending I was alright.... Continue Reading →

Is this love?

One day, someday, today, the light will come. It creeps up, the crawling dawn sleepily lolling over the horizon. The light is gentle and warm and glowing, dripping; melted ice cream across the window pane. Can you fall in love with the way early morning light presses into bookshelves, spreading warmth into cold corners of the room?... Continue Reading →

I hope you never stop!

I hope you never stop believing in love. Even when your heart is broken, and your trust is shattered, and you have a sadness that seeps into your blood and rests within your bones, I hope you continue to fight for love. To be open to receiving love. To continue to believe in love. I know it’s... Continue Reading →

Castles in the sky!

I always wondered what it would be like, playing house with the person you love. Our imagination works to create a fairytale like the ones we grew up reading. My mind painted a picture of white duvets and breakfasts in bed, where we talk about the lives we’d lead if we were just a bit younger... Continue Reading →

It sleeps!

I sleep, and the sickness sleeps with me. It curls up safely inside me, making itself right at home. I wake, and the sickness wakes with me. keeping me company in every motion, every inhale, every exhale. the sickness is a sucker for theatrics. It drowns me in discomfort, it torments my body at every... Continue Reading →

I dialed !

I dialed your number hoping you’d pick up the callThat we could just pretendPretend again for the moment that everything is as it should beIt happened without coaxing, without pretense, without pressureIt seemed so easy and I visualized you picking up on the third ring so that you didn’t seem too eagerI’d ask you what... Continue Reading →

My daughter is not ours!

I’ve never been much of a man. I barely crack 5’6”, can’t handle my liquor, and I’ve never been in a fight in my life—but when Lainie got pregnant, I decided it was time for a change. I started working out. I learned how to change the oil and tires on the Buick. Hell, I... Continue Reading →

Learn to love after trauma!

It’s hard to imagine that there might be other people who have endured trauma and might be experiencing similar roadblocks as mine. It’s a harsh reality, albeit comforting to know I may not be alone, to think someone else might have to feel these gut-wrenching emotions and battles. Now over half a decade ago, I was... Continue Reading →

Ekansh Khatwani

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I’m in love with the wave of you!

We deserved better timing. You deserved a better name than The One That Got Away. Our connection held a magnitude far beyond that cliché. It was kinetic – the kind you felt in the atoms that held the space between your skin and mine. I mistakenly began to live in the book of you and I, not realizing... Continue Reading →

This too shall pass!

I know you are having a really hard time right now. And I know that “really hard” doesn’t truly sum it up…not in the least. If we are being real here, I know that right now you are feeling pretty devastated. You are hurting, both inside and out, and you can’t figure out how to... Continue Reading →

One year of you!

June It wasn’t love at first sight with her but familiarity – the kind that only deepened the more our paths crossed, like walking on uncharted territory and feeling at home. July I told her I was bad with directions so she drew me a map showing me the way to her heart and told... Continue Reading →

Thank you!

It can be quite hard for us to let go. Once we find someone who we connect with, it’s not easy to simply walk away. It can take us years to finally realize when it is time to go, and even then, letting go is not the easiest thing to do. So, when the people... Continue Reading →

Losing Originality

People accept us for what they want us to be, And not for what we really are. The result: we try to possess Qualities desired by others So as to be appreciated by them, Thus, losing originality of ourselves. Depression exists because we try to look at ourselves Too much in comparison with others, And... Continue Reading →

You’re allowed to thrive!

You’re allowed to thrive. You’re allowed to dig deep into your soul and find the things that lift you up and give you purpose and feed them. You’re allowed to nourish them and cultivate them in your own life each and every day. You don’t have to wait for someone to give you permission to... Continue Reading →

I was just a body to you!

I took all of the love you gave me, and I ran with it. I ran a marathon with it. Through hills and valleys, I carried your love. Your love was heavy. It wasn’t light, and it wasn’t easy to hold. See the thing is that you never loved me, for me. You loved me, for... Continue Reading →

I am the girl!

I’m the girl you meet at the bar, the one you’ll flirt with, the one who’ll stumble back to your place at 2am, words slurring, clothes flying everywhere. I’m the girl you meet at the club, dressed in a shirt that’s probably too low and a skirt I can’t sit comfortably in. Our eyes will... Continue Reading →

You deserve it!

I never thought a person’s presence in my life could turn my life upside down and make it feel like it’s the right side up finally. Looking back to where we started, I never thought we’d be where we are now, what we are now, how we are now. I never thought I could crave... Continue Reading →

Coming out for real!

(Disclaimer : Just a person's perspective, I am very much straight!) I don’t know about you, but nothing about me ever fit into the cookie-cutter mold that society expects us all to be. I knew that I was different from other girls, but I spent years living in denial, hoping that my feelings would eventually... Continue Reading →


You will never be enough for someone who doesn’t appreciate you. Someone who doesn’t recognize the value you can add into their lives or the kind of love you’re willing to give. You will never be enough for someone who doesn’t want to try, someone who doesn’t want to invest time and effort into your... Continue Reading →

My type!

I believe in the concept of having someone who is your person. Your person is someone who wants to be there to celebrate all your victories just as much as they want to help you pick up the pieces of your failures. Your person knows all your annoying habits and only adores you more for them.... Continue Reading →

Trust issues!

People with trust issues didn’t choose to be this way. They didn’t really have a say when they were abandoned by one of their parents or when their best friend betrayed them or when the love of their life cheated on them. They didn’t choose these stories for themselves but they had to deal with... Continue Reading →

The power of A.I!

Two deliverymen appeared on my doorstep, transporting a package on a wheeled platform that mimicked a gurney. I looped Tanvi Lonkar onto three sheets of papers, initialed twice, and flashed my ID to prove my identity. The corporation frowned upon customers requesting models of celebrities or neighborhood crushes to fulfill dirty fantasies. One could only order a... Continue Reading →


Someday you won’t be sorry for opening up your heart and giving love a real shot. Someday you’ll be glad you kept your heart alive and hopeful. Someday your heart will thank you for not giving up on love after everything you’ve been through and everything you’ve seen and everyone who gave you a reason... Continue Reading →

Being Judged (By Nishika Gala)

Why do we judge a person for everything he or she does? Why does he or she always have to think about others reaction on what they wish to do? why are there invisible boundaries of what the society thinks? Why do we judge people on their skin tone or physical appearance and not on... Continue Reading →

What hurts more?

I believe in the concept of having someone who is your person. Your person is someone who wants to be there to celebrate all your victories just as much as they want to help you pick up the pieces of your failures. Your person knows all your annoying habits and only adores you more for them.... Continue Reading →

You matter…! (By Dhimahi Jani)

Heyy people!!You matter for everything. This pandemic has taught us many things. But one thing is always clear that you respect nature and nature will respect you.It's so easy for nature to make us their friends and save us from every thing like they know us since so long. Every thing isalways linked with each... Continue Reading →


Because I love you, I’ll sit with you in silence. We won’t have to talk. We won’t need to cause we’ve created a space between us that doesn’t need to be filled with words because we already know them. We can feel them wrapped around us both. Because I love you, I will tell you... Continue Reading →

Everyone deserves love!

You have had your heart broken in the past. People you once trusted have walked away from you without a word. They have made you doubt whether anyone is going to stay in your life instead of getting bored and saying goodbye. But you deserve someone who would never dream of leaving you. Not after... Continue Reading →

Someday Maybe! (By Prerana Kamat)

A bus just arrived at the bus stop, Seems like it didn't have any plans to move forward. It started doubting it's abilities as every second dropped, it lost control. Slowly, the wheels began to tear apart, the headlights were no longer as bright, they gazed at every passing vehicle filled with fright. Whether or... Continue Reading →

I mean it when I say it!

When I say that I love you, I mean that I see you for who you are, even when you don’t see yourself. That I want to hold space for you to explore and go to the edges of your being, of your identity; to run free and create yourself anew every day, only to love you... Continue Reading →


It’s midnight again, and you are the only thing on my mind. I’m sitting here wondering how it could already be three years since we last saw each other. It is almost my birthday, and I can’t help but hope that maybe you will reach out to me. Maybe you will call and serenade me... Continue Reading →

She’s on the loose!

if she reads the poems, if she asks, tell her you’re sorry. tell her you love her. tell her you love her gentle and warm. tell her you love her because it’s the truth. but don’t forget you loved me, too. tell her you love her, but tell her you loved me black and blue. tell her... Continue Reading →

Even though they’ve gone, you’ve won!

Even if they lied. You were honest. You were real and that’s what matters. You meant what you said. Your words were soft and your actions were genuine. You didn’t take them or their emotions lightly. You weren’t scared of the truth but most importantly, you were true to yourself.  Even if they took you for... Continue Reading →

Warriors / Mothers?

I realized I love you so much that my heart could burst. It was the night after my stepfather left us—we were gathering our clothes from the yard before the rain came, and I looked at you under the moonlight, working so hard to keep everything in order even as your world was crumbling down.... Continue Reading →

Even girls are allowed to let loose!

I often find myself having conversations with my female friends about whether or not they watch porn. I’d say about half of my friends dabble in the x-rated genre, while the other half pretend not to. Porn is just way too interesting to pass up on. You’d think we could all be honest with one... Continue Reading →

Heart’s demise

She said it ended – Prematurely – finally – thankfully – It ended. It was one of a kind. Surely, it was extraordinarily different. It was two-sided, sometimes three, but mostly lopsided. It was unsteady, see-saw-like, reckless, but it fulfilled her Needs. She needed it more than he did. He knew that; she knew he... Continue Reading →

We’re untouchable!

I’m restless. I turn over, look at the clock. Sunday night, 2:07am. I turn back around, staring into the darkness, thinking. This time last week. We were in a leather booth in a dark bar downtown, the lights dimmed on the chandelier above. Music played in the background, but in my drunken mind, I could only hear... Continue Reading →

Friendship (By Nishika Gala)

“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.”The above quote makes so much sense. Whenever you meet a new person, you start knowing each other and eventually you become good friends and the journey starts. The journey from sharing each other’s food to sharing our whole day with one... Continue Reading →

One night stand!

For starters, I hate that term, “one-night-stand”. Not only is there rarely ever standing involved (if you know what I mean), but also these moments in our lives aren’t just one night. They’re learning experiences that stick with us for months, even years, to come. They are small, yet significant, flashes in time that help... Continue Reading →

Why’d you leave?

You liked me. I liked you. It seemed like our relationship was leading somewhere — even if it was only to the bedroom. I’ve had girls sleep with me, even though they weren’t ready for a relationship. I’ve had girls sleep with me and decide they wanted nothing to do with me the next day.... Continue Reading →

She’s the one I crave!

I hear she tells her friends how loving I am to her. How she wants to take me on dates though I don’t say yes often. But she’ll keep asking till I give in. I hear she tells her friends how she holds her breath just a little bit when she sees my name on... Continue Reading →

Moving on is difficult but not impossible!

This phrase has been relayed over years to countless innocent babes looking to get out of the woods after a breakup, but does it really work? As millennials, by default, we want everything at lightning speed. Faster wireless internet, faster job promotions, faster weight loss, faster ways to orgasm, faster methods to meet partners (0.6... Continue Reading →

Why should boys have all the fun?

I often hear from women that, “men can compartmentalize” better than women. So, women should be wary of going into a friends with benefits relationship because they will likely “fall for him” and “get attached”. Women advise each other, make sure you “protect your heart”. The implication about men is that they just don’t have... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Special!

(Written from a mom's perspective) Mother’s Day is the most commercial of all commercial holidays, and it triggers people in various ways. Mother’s Day is dope if you have a mom who is motherly, and who rallied for you in the ways that made you feel loved and validated. However, some of us do not... Continue Reading →

Let’s face it, modern love sucks!

Modern lovers suffer from a lack of intimacy, a result of a lack of privacy. We learn too much about each other too soon. This must be destructive for new love because it kills the mystery of passion. There’s almost no space between people anymore. Sure, we can opt out of the madness you say.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Chintu!

Tum pe likhna shuru kaha se karu,'PADA' se karu ya 'Chintu' se karu,tumhari dosti itni khubsoorat hai,pata nahi tarif dawa se karu yaa dua se karu. Hum ladte 👊hai, jhagadte 😜 hai,koi baat nahi ae Dost,Dost to sachhe hone chahiye achhe to kutte 🐶bhi hai😂😂 Duriyo se koi fark nahi padta,Dosti to kuch aap jeiso... Continue Reading →

Not your type of a girl?

I’ll openly admit, I am the “no strings attached” type of guy’s worst nightmare. I’m clingy, I’m needy, I’m not the type of person who can just have a hook-up without expecting something. Normally the expectation is friendship because as we all know, relationships take a lot of work. Relationships can be too difficult to... Continue Reading →

How to hit a home run?

Sensitive content alert . . . . . . The average clitoris is about 5 millimeters. The average penis is about 130 millimeters. That’s a size difference of over 25 times. So in that spirit… How to touch the clitoris: When you’re touching a woman’s clitoris, imagine what feels good to your penis and shrink... Continue Reading →

The gypsy woman!

I will never forget that summer. It was August of 2011. My friend informed me that her aunt had a gift. I didn’t know it then, but that woman’s gift would end up changing my life. You see, I’d never had my cards read before. I always believed in the paranormal, and I think it... Continue Reading →

Killer smart home!

I spent the last few days petsitting for my boss at his three-story mansion of a home. I actually got paid to spend time with the bounciest, fluffiest dog in the universe. Even better, I was encouraged to stay in their guest room, which was bigger than my entire apartment. Lucky me, right? I thought so too.... Continue Reading →

Maybe she’s coming for you!

My Dearest Kyra, I’m writing this because I feel it would be far too difficult to talk to you in person. I also need you to hear me out, without rolling your eyes or interrupting me. There are some things that have happened that your father and I never told you about. We tried to... Continue Reading →

Peek a boo!

The other day, I made the mistake of watching Shane Dawson’s newest conspiracy theory video. He talked about how there were a growing amount of apartment buildings and Airbnbs with hidden cameras — and how easy it was to disguise them. He showed cameras installed in tissue boxes. Smoke detectors. Clocks. Pens. Water bottles. Picture... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams!

Suhani had vivid dreams ever since she was a child. No sooner would she close her eyes than a movie would start playing, or at least that’s what she called them when she was too young to understand what they were. ​Mama, I watched a movie when I slept last night. Rishi was in it,... Continue Reading →

My take on relationships (Vidhi Mehta)

When we say a word Relationship the very first thing comes to our mind is LOVE.Relationship is not only about love …it is about understanding, a strong bond, lots of trust, some matured conversations, little bit possessiveness, insecurities, jealousy,etc…We are always ready to do every possible or impossible things for our partner, by this we... Continue Reading →

Nutella & Love (Ushma Ashar)

Love.When anyone asks me about love, the first thing that comes to my mind is Nutella!Amused or Amazed?According to Google, Nutella is a hazelnut cocoa spread and Love is a feeling.As a cocoa lover, Nutella is best when applied between 2 soft slices of bread.It keeps them together, adds a yummy oomph to them.Same goes... Continue Reading →

Modern dating!

I thought I was looking for a boyfriend when I set up my online dating profile. I’d never had much luck with dating. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested — I’d always loved men. Dating them was fun, the balance between a man’s personality and my own feminine one was electric, it kept things interesting. But... Continue Reading →

Ordinarily extra ordinary things!

My goal in life is to continually increase my awareness, to every day make the tiniest step to understanding myself and the world just a little bit more. Of course I read, write, think, meet new people, listen to opposing view points, meditate, go on long walks, and drive my car nowhere particular, listening and... Continue Reading →

Never forget to check your mails!

If I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t care much for the whole e-mail process anymore. I know this is going to sound terribly hipster or whatever, but I think it’s already outdated as a means of communication. It just feels clunky and slow, kind of like the way real mail started feeling as soon as... Continue Reading →

Embrace your body!

SEX. Do I have your attention yet? Ok, sweet. In our modern day society, it seems that we have been culturally conditioned to believe that the orgasm is purely based around climax: Just like waves, it comes and it goes, it ebbs and it flows. Right? Wrong. Believe it or not, like many good things... Continue Reading →

Yess, you’ve been there!

You!Yess you've been thereWhenthe winds changed their direction,the spring turned to Autumn,Days felt dizzy,And I went crazy;You calmed my soul,Fetched in peace,Held my handWalked me through Bleeds!Introduced my fears as strengths,Transformed my tears to blaze,The star in you befell me in darkest nights,In the paralyzed moments,You hugged me tightAnd so, I make sureEven if you... Continue Reading →

Snowy diaries!

It’s been snowing forever. Every time it seems like it’s about to let up, the sky clouds over with that flat white paper look and down it comes, more goddamn snow. I stopped shoveling the walk after the first two days. My dad was always real particular about his shoveling so I try to do... Continue Reading →

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