Reasons why I love you!

If I could describe all the reasons why I love you, I would be sad. I would be sad because I don’t want to know them all. There are reasons that are fine and can only be understood by those observing our love. There are reasons that come up in my dreams. There are reasons... Continue Reading →

What was it?

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m an extremely anal packer. I spent the better part of a day planning and organizing and neatly folding my clothes so that I could travel light, with just my small pink carry on. Two people at the airport, upon discovering I was going to... Continue Reading →


You would assume a normal night routine for a high school student consists of homework, showering, shutting your light, closing your blinds, and going to sleep. Not me. When I lived at home, every night, around 11 p.m., my mother walked into my room to say goodnight and attempted to close my window shades. I... Continue Reading →

Why cheat?

Are you wondering how to let go of someone you love after infidelity, after that certain someone has had an affair? Do you still love your person but are you unsure if you want to stay or let go of them in light of what they have done? Are you super confused and overwhelmed and... Continue Reading →

New year, new opportunities!

In the new year, try not to stick to a timeline. It’s healthy to set goals for yourself — but don’t beat yourself up when you aren’t able to accomplish them as quickly as you hoped. Don’t feel like a failure when your journey is taking a little bit longer than you originally planned. Remember,... Continue Reading →

You don’t love me back?

(Written by Anchal) I may have hurt youbut trust me i was just trying to hide the fact like i have hella feelings for you.I couldn't look you in the eyebecause i was trying to hide the fear of losing you even when youre not mine.i chose not to say a word when you lleftbecause... Continue Reading →

You are still alive!

I tell stories about you all the time. Sometimes, I remember to use the past tense — that was your favorite drink, that was the song you loved to dance to, that was the type of car you drove. But sometimes, it slips my mind and I speak in present tense. I still refer to your house as your house, even though... Continue Reading →

Without pain … there is no joy!

(Merry Christmas) In a world inundated by chaos and pain, faith and optimism can seem unsustainable. But there is one major and often overlooked silver lining to all the dread we’ve grown accustomed to. And that is simply the reminder that a light cannot exist without its shadow, just as dawn cannot shimmer over the... Continue Reading →

Your happiness is what it costs!

(Written by Meera Botadra) Your happiness is what it costs!! If you don't know sweetheart, let me just make it clear to you that your happiness is what it costs to my existence. Your happy face is the reason of thrill in my heart and ecstasy of others.You matter to me darling, just like credulous... Continue Reading →

Untold Words!

(Written by Anchal) Hey you,I always wonder if you miss me or not, if you ever think about me or not. You did not tell me if you ever loved me or not. I still feel you had feelings for me. But I have no answer to the ultimate tragic question that “Where did those... Continue Reading →

Silence is the best revenge!

I know you want to write out a long, elaborate text explaining exactly why you’re upset with this other person. I know you want to show up at their door, screaming about how you cannot believe what they’ve done to you. I know you want to slash their tires, toss a drink at their face,... Continue Reading →

Forget being happy, learn to be free!

Somewhere inside our brains, we are hardwired to believe that happiness is some beautiful destination. We think that it’s right around the corner, and our whole lives are dedicated to finally arriving there. Happiness comes right after our next promotion, that new car we’ve been saving up for, or that pretty engagement ring on our finger.... Continue Reading →

Good men do exist!

(Based on a true story) As someone who grew up with all the male friendships ending with hurt, my faith in men was dwindling. I remember when I first saw you at work. In all honesty, with your blonde hair, blue eyes, and t-shirt with the logo from Marvel, I pegged you as a jerk.... Continue Reading →

Is it my fault?

(Written by Anchal) Is it my fault that I am a girl? Is it my fault that I want to be successful? Is it my fault that I need a tutor? Is it my fault that the best tutor was a male? Is it my fault that I hate all the men because of 1... Continue Reading →

Girls will be girls!

Historically, we’ve pushed women into a matriarchal box that typically presumed women were made for the sole purpose of procreation. Labels assumed onto women were the opposition of parental and embryonic while men were attributed with primal strength and maturity. When in all actuality, all four descriptions can be accurate for both genders. Both genders can feel the desire to become a parent... Continue Reading →


(Written by anonymous) LIFE To read “LIFE” may just seem to be a collection of letters more precisely just “4” letters, but these “4 letters” come along with a lot of meaning to it. It is a whole lot of a roller coaster ride wherein we face a lot of ups and downs, highs and... Continue Reading →

This too shall pass!

(Written by Jhalak) why to overthink a situation? why to harm yourself? why to cry over a failed relationship? why to have sex for your frustration? why to get an addiction of smoking and liquor? apparently the "WHY" list won't stop but you can cheer yourself by remembering the fisrt time; when your childhood friend... Continue Reading →

All I need is peace!

(Written by Anchal) Idk what am I feeling rn, but Ik something's not good inside me. I'm feeling like I've lost a piece of myself. The piece that wasn't so important for my survival but I still feel blank, like really blank. My body is resisting good hormones, like totally. I've never been like this.... Continue Reading →


(Written by a friend who didn't wish to be named) Why do you want to kiss me? Is it so you can take me back to your apartment and pretend to care about my side of the conversation while secretly calculating how much longer until it’s appropriate to place your hand on my thigh, to... Continue Reading →

It takes strength to block them!

It takes strength to block their number because it is more than an action. It is a symbol of goodbye. It represents you choosing to rise above your heartbreak. You deciding that you deserve more than what they put you through. You admitting that there is no reason to run back to your past because... Continue Reading →

You don’t know me!

(Written by Anchal) Do you ever see me the way i see you, or do you ever just see me? Did you even notice that I exist? If not, I will tell you... Hey, I’m someone who's always been looking at you, looking for you regardless of where I am and who I’m with because... Continue Reading →

Our tryst with COVID!

Chances are, you’ve had to bend a lot this year. You’ve had to curve your plans, adjust your life, twist your outlook, embrace detours, and turn new corners. So, have you given yourself credit for not breaking? This year has forced us to change the way we live, the way we think, and how we... Continue Reading →

Girl, I got you!

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we need some encouragement. This one’s for you. To the girl who feels invisible, understand that you’re not. Understand that someone’s lack of seeing you doesn’t mean you don’t exist. Understand that sometimes the people we think know us best, simply don’t know us at all. Understand... Continue Reading →

Show off!

Do not hide your girlfriend away in your bedroom. Do not take her for fast food on date nights and drive her straight back to your bedroom instead of sitting down in restaurants where you risk being seen by other people. Do not avoid being seen with her in public because you are trying to... Continue Reading →

It’s your fault.

I need you to do me a favor. I need you to reflect on all the times our conversation became stale after I had been bubbling with excitement. I want you to reminisce all the times you ignored me for weeks or months and came back like nothing happened. Think long and hard about the... Continue Reading →

Heartbreak : A Love Story

(My tryst with FICTION again) Most love stories end in a proposal; this one begins with one. It felt as if I were in a dream. It was a nightmare. As I stared at the diamond ring in his hands, there was a sinking feeling in my gut and my skin squirmed around on my... Continue Reading →

It’s time to rebuild yourself!

I’ve always hated being vulnerable, whether that is people seeing me cry or just sharing my problems. But the older I get, the more I realize it’s not that I hated being vulnerable but that I was scared of it. I have always been the fixer, the one who will stay up listening to people’s... Continue Reading →

The unnoticed unsung heroes!

(Managed to get this article courtesy some teachers) I haven’t been a part of the college system for nearly a year, but I definitely haven’t forgotten my time spent in the classroom. I adored what I did, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see the teachers around me struggling not to collapse under... Continue Reading →

Why female friendships help you?

I call myself a Feminist because I’m one, and I’m ready for all the criticism building up in your head, from the moment you read the title, because I’m really being an asshole discriminating against men. But well, I’m just going to talk about my personal experiences, and I strongly believe, that despite fighting for... Continue Reading →

Social Media Mafia.

We live in a world of likes, a world where hearts and double-taps justify our stories, and a specific number of likes per post can confirm our appeal. Similarly, we’ve been groomed by social media to believe our follower count equates to our worth in the digital landscape. I’ve never prided myself in having a huge follower count... Continue Reading →


Maybe one day we could sit and talk about all the things that got broken between us.  We could talk about how each one of us hurt the other. Maybe we could say all the things we couldn’t say to each other before. Maybe we could share how each one of us made the other feel.... Continue Reading →

The void.

I am learning that there is nothing to miss but your absence. I have to love you from a distance because you were never meant to be mine. I am learning that nostalgia from missing you doesn’t mean I want you back. As much as I wished you could have mine, you had to leave... Continue Reading →

I should have stayed.

I know what I said. I said that I don’t know what I feel. That it’s too much for me to handle. And that I don’t want you in my life. Yet you didn’t let me go. You were there for me regardless of how hard I pushed you away. You stayed put and fought... Continue Reading →

He is an asshole.

He’s not your almost boyfriend, not even your recently found or made bestfriend. He’s just an asshole who picks and chooses when he wants to acknowledge your existence. He glances at your texts and ignores them for weeks, then lays the flirting on thick when he actually decides to answer you because he doesn’t want... Continue Reading →

She was meant to leave.

Some people aren’t meant to stay in your life after a certain point. Some people are meant to leave by a certain date because that’s when their lesson is due. That’s when they teach you something new or the same old lesson that you’ve been resisting. The same lesson you don’t want to learn. Some... Continue Reading →

The girl who was like sunshine.

She was a glimpse of sunshine peeking behind the clouds on a cool fall day, not enough to create lasting heat, but enough to make you smile and pause as the warmth spread across your face. People knew she was not brave enough to stay, so they cherished the times she would appear with the... Continue Reading →

Show your intentions.

No, I’m not talking about the popular Justin Bieber song that has been on repeat for the past few years. I’m talking about one’s intentions. What exactly are intentions? A word so simple yet many still have it confused and are unable to decipher what it truly means. “Be genuine with your intentions,” a phrase... Continue Reading →

If everything sucks rn, read this.

Sometimes everything sucks. It just does. You’re exhausted. You’re stressed. You’re down on yourself and you’re down on everyone else and nothing you’ve done has made you feel proud or excited or enthusiastic or even anything. Your greatest accomplishment has been emptying out your Netflix queue. Everything you write sucks. Everything you do sucks. You’ve resigned yourself... Continue Reading →

My Mind Has Asthma

(Written by Hatvik Vora) My mind needs room to thinkIt is breathing heavilyIt feels like I'm on the brinkEdges call meTo trip over and fallDon't have the gutsOr I would've done it for sureIt's boxed inMy mindThere's no room to breatheIt needs fresh airDevoid of straitsNeeds a seaTo go on an open voyageLike a sailorCommand... Continue Reading →

I understand.

You were not looking for anything serious and yet you found yourself wondering if you were ready to feel something deep and meaningful again. You were only looking to get a fun night out of it. But when I shared my story with you, you started thinking that this could mean more than just a... Continue Reading →

Best thing about 2020.

This year has been nothing short of shocking. Everything as we know it changed and we’re all still trying to figure out how to handle it or how to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ But aside from everything, this year has also been eye-opening in plenty of ways. It has revealed a lot of truths... Continue Reading →

Shine despite the darkness.

Don’t let it make you forget. Don’t let it consume you when it overwhelms you. No matter how dark the world gets, it can never steal your light. That untapped yellow light within your heart? No matter how dim the darkness makes it seem, it can never completely fade away. As long as there is breath in your lungs,... Continue Reading →


This is me saying goodbye to modern dating; this is me saying goodbye to that rush of adrenaline when someone decides to swipe right on my perfectly selected photographs, this is me saying goodbye to awful chat-up lines, sleazy intro messages and small talk about what I do for a living. This is me saying... Continue Reading →




(Written by Hatvik Vora) oh hey it's quarantine periodlet's see what's new in our households !Maa is now the managerdad does the dishes but he always has to hear"isme se aadhe bartan to vaapas dhone padege"us kids do the jhaadu pocha but we always have to hear"ye aur vo corner me kittni dhool hai"mom fills... Continue Reading →


(Written by Rajvee Dedhia) You can make me or break meBy offering counselling without any fee.Be there right in front of my eyes,As i keep thinking and time flies.Moments so sweet when we made them,All of those memories shinier than any gem.Now here i am wondering what went wrong,This pain cannot be healed by any... Continue Reading →

Where are you lost?

(Written by Hatvik Vora) hey man ..where are you lostbetween the trains and the ever hustling journey to survive have you forgotten where your peace lies?hey man, where are you lostamong the thousand choices you make daily have you really forgotten what you really wish for?hey man where are you lostpleading from the bottom of... Continue Reading →

Turning 22!

(Written by Ketan Thube) Oh no, I'm twenty twoAnd still single, what do i do?Why can't I find a man?This wasn't the society's plan.Is my skin too dark?Or do I not have that spark?Are my hips too broad?Or is it because I'm not awed?Why won't I find a man?I wonder, every single timeIs it because... Continue Reading →

Bas teri haa chahiye!

(Written by Ketan Thube) Na daulat ki lat haiNa heero ki khaan chahiyeNa mehel ki khwaishNa taaro bhara aasmaan chahiyeKehdi hai tumse apne dil ki baatBas teri haa chahiye Mere haato mein tera hath chahiyeHar kadam par tera sath chahiyePyaar bhari baatein karenge chaarBas wo haseen mulaqaat chahiyeBahot bhatka hai ye dil becharaIse ab panaah... Continue Reading →

How does it feel to be cheated.

Meeting that person who gives you the attention that you’ve been longing for is very invigorating. The world seems brighter and the atmosphere seems charged with positive vibes. The air seems fresher and there’s more energy flowing through you. You even seem to have an extra pep in your step, all because this person is filling up your love tank that once... Continue Reading →

Moral Support

(Written by Rajvee Dedhia) Moral support is the basic mental health issue in people. When the efforts are not appreciated people tend to doubt themselves and even stop pursuing it any further.Physical support might be provided by literally anyone in the contact circle.However, moral support although provided in huge amounts does not matter unless it is... Continue Reading →

Humanity or Religion?

(Written by Hatvik Vora) Are they so blinded by religion they don't see any humanity ? Have their beliefs turned into the absolute need to hope for better while doing nothing to make it better? Has their faith turned into the reason for chaos in their minds? While deciding which God to pray, shouldn't people... Continue Reading →

Those were the days.

(Written by Hatvik Vora) Remembering those daysWhen I dozed off in class and had to suddenly wake up when my friend pinched because he knew the teacher was coming close.When there a gossip going around which I wasn't part of and I wanted to know so badly about it.When it was a break and we... Continue Reading →

Believe in God.

Nobody likes beautiful things to end. We want to hold on to people, places, and memories that we love for as long as we can. We want to keep them in our lives forever. We do our best not to lose them. We fear change because we prefer everything to stay exactly the same. But... Continue Reading →

Love & Telescopes.

Falling in love is moving your eyes from the end of a telescope to their face, but their eyes are already on you, watching you take in the night sky. Falling in love is driving through the forest at night with the wind in your hair and their hand resting on your leg and you... Continue Reading →

An over thinker’s relationship

“I let you see the parts of me that weren’t all that pretty and with every touch you fixed them. Now you’ve been talking in your sleep. Things you never say to me. Tell me that you’ve had enough…I’m sorry I don’t understand where all of this is coming from, I thought that we were... Continue Reading →

The beauty of heartbreaks.

When you’re deep in the midst of heartbreak, chances are that you feel pain somewhere in your body, probably in your chest or your stomach.It’s as if the heart’s accelerator and brakes are pushed simultaneously and those conflicting actions crash and create the sensation of heartbreak. But I’m here to tell you this: You are... Continue Reading →

Desi Love.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Muslims don’t date, they marry”? It’s a peculiar sentiment that is often used to vaguely grasp the understandings of a culture not quite in your reach and an outline on how your love life sounds like it should play out. Yet it sounds sudden. It implies no initial... Continue Reading →

Life …. …. calling.

Most of us are not prepared for the responsibility of creating our lives, so we pretend that we don’t have it at all. We pretend that we are leaves in the wind, that we are victims of circumstance instead of victors of vicissitudes. We blame the nature of life for our misfortunes instead of stepping into... Continue Reading →

That one friend.

As human beings, it is the inevitable truth that people will be in and out of our lives. As we grow as individuals, who we associate ourselves with constantly evolves. Who we keep around becomes based off our shared interests, time spent together, and what characteristics we find valuable in individuals. During this evolution, casualties... Continue Reading →

These days, I think of you.

He was so very in love with you. He thought you hung the moon. He thought you loved him to the stars and the moon and back. And you did.  Oh, how you did. Then, one day, he’d let fear outweigh his love and leave you. You’d be speechless. Lost. Broken. Eventually, however, you’d move... Continue Reading →

I wasn’t enough for you to want me.

We had some really wonderful times together. The memories of the things we did together are there, and I still have the photographs of our adventures, and so many cute, romantic moments. But I can’t remember what they felt like. It’s been mere months since the day I left, and I honestly cannot remember how it... Continue Reading →

Never Settle.

The truth is it will always feel like something is missing. Something is incomplete. You’re not the best version of yourself. You don’t look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud. You know that you’re capable of so much more and you know that at the end of the day, this is not what... Continue Reading →

This is how you lose her.

You lose her when you make her feel like an option when all she ever did was make you a priority. You lose her when you keep her at arm’s length when all she’s ever done is choose you. You lose her a little more every time that you confuse her and draw lines that... Continue Reading →

Everything, all along, was planned.

Making mistakes is a huge part of life. Everyone we know, even and especially the wisest people you’ve ever met, have made mistakes in their lifetimes. It’s hard to accept. On a personal level, I lie awake at night thinking about mistakes I’ve made. It can lead to insomnia, anxiety, and continuous stress, leading to... Continue Reading →


(Based on a true incident, narrated by an influencer)You don’t have to be a supermodel to relate to today's problems. Social media. The internet. Modern technology. What is that famous line? With great power comes great responsibility. And despite the past tragedies of the human race, it remains crystal clear that we choose to ignore... Continue Reading →

The uninvited guest!

It is something that one rarely talks about.Not a perfect topic for a party gossipnor fitting for a celebrity tabloid.Yet it’s something everyone feels once in a lifetime—Some occasionally, while others for a much longer time.It’s like a weight you can’t take off your chest.It feels like not giving your very best.Every little chore, no... Continue Reading →

Apology vs Actions!

If someone apologizes for treating you poorly and then goes right back to treating you the same exact way, their apology doesn’t count. It’s meaningless. It isn’t an indication of their maturity. Real maturity means recognizing your flaws and putting effort into correcting them. Don’t feel guilty for walking away from someone who regrets hurting... Continue Reading →

Imagine you actually getting punished!

Trigger warning: This article contains sensitive content involving sexual assault.Imagine a world where it’s not okay. Envision a world where it doesn’t make sense. Play pretend and in this pretend, take away all the ways you’ve made this make sense. Take away all the rationalizations, all the things he’s said to make it ok. Fill... Continue Reading →

What you actually mean to me!

I think sometimes we are convinced if we can see the ending of something before it begins that we’ll wish it had never began in the first place. That if we knew something was going to fall apart, or drift away from us, that we would never ask it into our lives. That we would... Continue Reading →

Own your mistakes!

Sometimes you might not be there for people who need you. Sometimes you might say the wrong things at the wrong times. Sometimes you might hurt people unintentionally. Sometimes you might lose your temper. Sometimes you might say awful things that you might not be able to take back afterward. Sometimes you might do the... Continue Reading →

Finding purpose!

There’s a popular yet misleading quote about meaningful work that says, “find your purpose, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The phrase implies if you love your work, it won’t feel like work. Sounds appealing and like something to strive for, but if you have actually found your purpose,... Continue Reading →

You were mine!

I am beginning to understand that loving you was more painful than leaving you. As I’m shedding the skin that you molded so perfectly for me, I realize I was never happy with you. In hindsight, I was only settling for ambivalence and mediocrity. I was blindly searching for love in all the wrong places.... Continue Reading →

3 am!

It’s 3 am and my phone dings. My heart lurches in my throat and I curse myself for not having it on silent. Not because it woke me up, but because I already know it’s her. I know that it’s her and that my fingers will betray me, just like they do every night. This... Continue Reading →

I love you

It’s not because I’m scared. It’s not that I’m unsure. It’s not because I abide by old traditions of the male saying so first. I want to wait to say I love you because I don’t want to do it without you. I love you because you’re sweet. Genuinely. The type of woman who opens... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness

I cannot speak for others, as this battle is different for each person. What I can describe is my own experience in the hopes that my testimony could help another struggling soul. For three years, I have suffered and battled with Borderline Personality Disorder and Major Depression (diagnosed). Little did I know that for several... Continue Reading →

Being lonely

Drowning is one of the scariest concepts to me. To reach up and up and up as you feel yourself running out of air. That was me and as I approached 20. I found myself succumbing to the waves, allowing them to take me over. I decided that maybe this was just my fate—thank God... Continue Reading →

Who was she?

CONTENT WARNING!ONLY 18+ Since starting out on blogs and quotes, I had stopped posting stories which was my main USPGetting back to my old loveLet me know how did it work?(Purely Fictional) It doesn’t take a Degree in Sociology to know online dating is a pretty normal concept these days. What was once seen as... Continue Reading →

Is opening up worth it?

Opening up can seem terrifying, daunting. When you begin, it can taste like a sour pill, hard to taste and swallow. You fight it at first, avoid it all costs, but deep down you know it’s necessary. One day, you begin. Slowly. It might take a few tries. But each time, each day, it gets... Continue Reading →

You are gonna miss her!

She’s been around so often you’ve taken it for granted a bit. You think no matter what you say or do, she’ll be there because she always has been. The average person wouldn’t have tolerated any of this for as long as she has. But the thing is she’s different. Her strength comes in the... Continue Reading →

I am done!

I am done going above and beyond and getting left behind. I am done finding broken women who need me to fix them and then drain me of my energy and walk away with my heart. I am done getting broken promises from women who claim to be honest and loyal but walk away as... Continue Reading →

Maybe, in another universe, I deserve you!

What if, in another universe, I deserve you? Hear me out. There’s this philosopher from the 1890s named William James, and he coined this theory about “the multiverse” which suggests that a hypothetical set of multiple universes comprises everything that can possibly exist simultaneously. Are you following? The entirety of space, time, matter and energy... Continue Reading →

Toxic, eh?

The phrase “toxic” is everywhere now as the new buzzword for anyone we don’t like or get along with. It’s often used as a vague excuse to write people off for any reason deemed valid to us in the moment and feel no guilt. However, there’s a big difference between real toxicity and people who... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday!

The first moment I laid my eyes on this girl, I knew that there was something wrong. She had a sad look on her face and never seemed to look up.At that moment, I knew that something was going on. But I didn’t mind her, thinking that I’d be getting into business that wasn’t my... Continue Reading →

The Art of Laughing at yourself

The truth is, life’s hard, and it’s always going to be this way. There’s no changing the fact that life will leave you devastated, broken, and hopeless during the worst of situations. Life is going to test every ounce of strength and resilience you have if you have the guts to keep moving forward or... Continue Reading →

Lost Friends!

It used to be so much easier, didn’t it? The days where we were all in the same place. The times we took for granted, back when we never imagined we would spend more time apart than together. We may have realistically known that things would change, but that felt so far away. Like it... Continue Reading →

Getting a closure!

The truth about the closure you didn’t get is that you actually got it. No closure is somehow closure. We don’t really fall for someone thinking about how things will end – but we always hope that the ending will be clear and painless. The recent trend is that people end things without closure; they... Continue Reading →

Maybe I’m a bad guy

I don’t pay attention to what I say before I say it. It comes out without a thought, almost like that scene in Mean Girls where they call it “word vomit.” It happens more than I’m comfortable admitting. I know that I don’t choose the correct words and I don’t always know the right thing to say.... Continue Reading →

Once a love, now a memory

When you love someone, you start to notice things. The way their fingers curl around yours and soften as they fall asleep next to you. How, when they smile, wrinkles form and crease around their eyes. The softness of their voice in the morning, how they hum and the world goes quiet. Then, one day,... Continue Reading →

Heart vs Mind

Sometimes, your body speaks to you before you even know what it’s trying to say. Sometimes, you find yourself standing in front of an opportunity unable to take a step forward. Sometimes, you meet the perfect person and yet cannot bring yourself to commit to them fully. Sometimes, you find yourself withdrawing from a particular... Continue Reading →

An honest blog about me!

A few days back, a certain someone prompted me to write about who I am and how not many people know me!I have a reach of 200,000 + views, some 2500 visitors.Out of these 2500 visitors, let's say 1200 odd know the name Dhaval Desai.Only 10 odd people out of 2500 visitors know the real... Continue Reading →

Why doesn’t she get attached?

She doesn’t get attached because she simply learned that attachment is the root of all evil. It makes her cling to things she should release. It makes her chase people that are wrong for her. It makes her go after things that are probably not meant for her. It clouds her logic and her judgment... Continue Reading →


We live in a society based on instant gratification. Hungry? A microwave will have you eating in minutes. Getting your dream car is a simple matter of signing up for debt. And months of pining for a perfumed reply from your true love is replaced by a simple click on send/receive. Life has become convenient,... Continue Reading →

Back Away!

Sometimes we lose the love of our life. And our world breaks. We lose hope. We become depressed. We lose a sense of ourselves. We lose hope and dreams of the future. And worst of all, we have to start over. We’re left picking up the pieces of our lives. The ones they left behind.... Continue Reading →

Be Who You Want To Be!

It’s crazy how we allow ourselves to so easily forget how lucky we are, even in the simplest of forms. We lose ourselves among that everyday chaos and impatient rush between the briefest of moments to the next, and we so effortlessly take everything we have and are for granted. We forget about all of... Continue Reading →

She Won’t Ask You To Stay

She won’t ask you to stay because she’s learned to never rely on someone else for her needs. She has been self-sufficient long enough to know people are not fixes. People don’t magically swoop in and make everything better. If there’s an issue, it has to be worked on. It has to be addressed, head... Continue Reading →

Valuing True Love

There is absolutely a difference between liking someone and valuing them. Sometimes I think we get more concerned with the fact that someone likes us that we forget how important it is to be valued. Being liked is good, but being valued is so much better. I like my phone, it occupies me when I’m... Continue Reading →

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