Self Love


The most important thing in our life should be self love.
We live in a generation where there are heartbreaks often , people leave when their motive is completed or they have no use of us.
We think that our life is completed bcoz someone broke our trust whom we trusted blindly but it’s not that .
This is life, it’ll give us experiences every day .
You should never think that the tears we’ve cried the sleepless nights we’ve passed are useless. You’ve to be brave enough to go through that which will make u stronger .
The best way to survive in this world is to develop self love, love yourself so much that you don’t care whether someone loves you or not
Spend some time with yourself, prioritize yourself, do what makes u happy .
Your soul needs the love that you’re giving others .
Love yourself unapologetically.
We are so busy in loving others that we’ve forgotten our existence so just discover yourself and be happy

Written by Aanshi Shah.

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