The Perfect Storm

Hey guys. I’m Moon Rose. I’m a new author here. Please Give my story lots of love. 😘

This is my first story ‘Perfect Storm’. Its about Viaan and Ira. Ira being the perfect storm turns Viaan life upside, not once. But twice.

Viaan falls in love with Ira who is a few years older than him and before he can confess, Ira moves away. What happens when he meets her after years?

“I love you Ira. I really do.  I wish I could’ve met you before you left. But, You will always be My first love.”

“She was a perfect storm, who turned my life upside down, in the best way possible.”

“Everything about her is just beautiful and unique. Describing her is the most difficult thing because you can’t put her beauty in words.”

“So much so for ‘my first love’ and ‘I will fight the whole world against you. Hmph.”

“I love you.”

“Till death do us apart.”

Chapter 1: IRA

Viaan is a 12 years old boy. He’s good at everything. Studies, sports, dancing and is definitely the golden boy of the school.

He’s famous in his neighborhood for being a good and smart boy.

He’s walking on the road with his friends making his way to his home. He just came back from school.

He suddenly saw 4 guys who were alot older than him were going around a girl in between.

The kept going round and round in their cycle when she stood there with no expression on her face.

Guy1: Hey baby.

Guy2: You so hot.

Guy3: Come with us.

Guy4: We will have some fun.

The guys said and winked at her. But, she just kept her poker face on. And didn’t even respond.

Suddenly one of them touched the girl’s wrist and all of them stopped going around her.

They just stood there staring at her and checking her out.

The girl seemed younger than those guys but a bit older than Viaan.

Viaan thought about going to fight those guys to save that girl but his friends stopped him.

Friend1: Where are you going?

Friend2: Look at those guys. They are too old for you to fight.

Friend3: Come on. Let’s go home.

They tried to drag Viaan but he didn’t move.

Then suddenly the girl pulled the guy of his cycle with only a hand and kicked him hard where the sun doesn’t shine.

Girl: Come baby.

She said before pulling another guy off his cycle and punching him.

Girl: what are you waiting for? Come on you too.

She pulled another guy by his collar and kicked.

Girl: And now you.

She said and pointed at the guy before kicking him on his face. He fell on his back.

Girl: Take your cycles and leave. If I ever see you here again. I will make sure you guys are deformed for life. Okay? Now, LEAVE.

She said and the boys ran with their cycles.

Girl: Scumbags.

Then she turned around and looked at Viaan and his friend who were looking at her.

As soon as she looked at them, Viaan’s friends ran away. Viaan turned around and didn’t see any of his friends.

When he looked back at the girl. She raised her eyebrows and with that even he ran away.

The girl went to her house.

Girl: Mumma, I’m home.

Her mother came out and hugged her daughter.

Sarika: How was school, Ira?

Ira: It was alright.

Ira threw her bag on the sofa and removed her shoes and socks and plopped on the sofa.

Sarika: Darling, I’m starting tutoring from today.

Sarika was a teacher in school and was planning to start tutoring too to earn extra money for her daughter.

It was only Ira and Sarika after Ira’s father died in a car accident when she was five.

It was difficult for Sarika to be a single mother and to provide for both of them. But, she was trying her best.

Sarika: Please, clean your room and your mess. The students will be coming at 3.

Ira: alright mum. I will change first.

Sarika: After changing let’s have lunch. Clean after that.

Ira: So, indecisive mom.

Ira giggled while Sarika playfully hit Ira.

Ira changed into jean shorts and white shirt.

Sarika: Come to eat, Ira.

Ira: coming.

Both of them had lunch. They talked about their day. Ira left the part where she was catcalled by guys and how she hit them.

Soon they were done with lunch.

They sat on the couch watching TV.

The doorbell rang.

Sarika: Must be the kids.

Ira: I’ll go get it.

Ira went to open the door and saw Viaan and his two friends.

His friends got scared of Ira and hid behind Viaan.

Viaan kept staring at Ira as if she was the most beautiful creature on earth.

Ira: Don’t say nothing. You don’t know me and you don’t know anything about me. Alright?

Ira glared at the boys while talking to them.

Viaan’s friends just nodded but Viaan was just staring.

Ira: You? Did you hear what I said?

Ira waved her hand in front of Viaan and he snapped back into reality.

Ira: Alright?

Viaan: Alright.

Viaan smiled and Ira looked confused but she let them in.

Sarika: Hello kids. Ready for maths?

Viaan: Yes I am.

Ira went inside her bedroom and just looked at them as they sat in the living room.

Suddenly Ira got a call from someone.

She picked it up.

Viaan had his eyes glued on Ira the whole time.

on call

Ira: Lemme try to ask her.

???: Alright. Make an excuse or something.

Ira: What excuse?

???: Anything? Study date? Group studies? Hanging out with your girlfriends? Anything.

Ira: Alright let me try.

???: Do it fast. I’m coming to pick you up in 10 minutes.

Ira: But, let me- Hello? Hello?

Ira checked to see that the call was dropped by the person on the other line.

Ira: Ass.

Ira kept pacing in her room and while Viaan kept staring at her.

Ira finally calmed herself down came to talk to her mom.

Ira: Mom, I’m going for group studies at Mihika’s place.

Sarika: Alright. Study well.

Ira felt bad for lying to her. She didn’t wanna do it. But, she felt like she had to do it.

She then went inside her room to change her clothes and grabbed her bag.

Ira: Bye mom. I’ll be back before evening.

Sarika: Bye baby. Take care.

Ira went out of the door.

???: Took you long enough.

Ira: I had to talk to mom. It feels wrong you know. Lying to her.

???: Oh stop. Its not that big of a deal.

Ira looked at that person in disbelief.

???: Okay. I’m sorry. But, there is nothing that we can do here.

Ira: I know.

???: Come on. Hop on.

Ira got on the bike. And they both went away thinking no one saw them.

But, a pair of eyes and ears, saw everything that happened and heard everything they said.

Hey guys. This is my first story. Please give it lots of love.

Who did Ira go with? And who was listening to their conversation? Keep reading to find out.

To be continued…

Written by Moon Rose.

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