Wish I was a snail

I wish I was a snail , I wish I was a turtle so that when I’d be ashamed I could tuck myself inside a shell.
I feel good aloof , I don’t wanna fit in anymore coz ur spoons are gold plated I’m okay calling myself kid but staying isolated.
I wish I was a snail , I can’t bare the pain of breaking nail. I wish I was a turtle why am I not allowed to love someone subtle.
I don’t wanna experience anything good.
So that I don’t miss it in my bad mood.
Playing this game is insane , calling it love has probability thinner than a cane.
Want to wave off my feelings for a vacation and pretend that it was just an infatuation .
My feelings for you are unaddressed like an ignored mail , I wish I was a snail.
Do u remember how did we met?
My chest pains when your eyes are wet and I can’t bare that pain so I wanna read your brain.
We dating won’t be cool like genZ trends so let’s call it friends .
If it’s a game I’ll have your cover but then, am I a one-sided lover?
Tell me what do I lack , can’t you love me back? Your attention is all I want , I stop myself by saying you won’t.
I win and I lose , silence is what I choose.
Ur my lovely malware , but I’ll keep you unaware.
This are the feelings I won’t confront until you kiss me upfront .
On the boat to an infinite sea we must go on sail.
This feelings won’t erupt but while talking to you I don’t want any one to disrupt.
So let’s be the two prisoners in a jail, i wish i was a snail .

Written by Utsav Bhatt.
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